BTS accused of animal cruelty by PETA following McDonald’s collaboration

(Photo was taken from BTS' Official Instagram Account)

Fans across the globe are all celebrating the collaboration between BTS and McDonald’s. While many are looking forward to enjoying the products from the project, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is not seemingly pleased. As it happens, they are reportedly accusing the K-Pop group of “animal cruelty.”

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PETA raised concerns about BTS and McDonald’s collaboration

Koreaboo reported that the organization raised some concerns about the collaboration effort. On social media, PETA posted a photo of an individual, wearing a BTS shirt and holding a placard outside a McDonald’s establishment. The sign reads, “this fan was let down. BTS, stop promoting dead chickens.

The non-profit corporation captioned the post with an encouragement to the K-Pop group, noting that they should not let their fans down by promoting the chicken meal in question. As explained in the same post, the BTS meal includes chicken nuggets, which PETA says to be made from “the flesh of tortured birds.” At the end of the post, it reminds netizens that “chickens are not nuggets” as they are “living, feeling beings.

Apart from the post on Twitter, PETA has, also, released promotional materials on Instagram, as well as a lengthy article on their website, expressing their “dismay” over BTS’ choice to partner with McDonald’s. In it, the organization claims that the “Butter” singers do not care about chickens, “who suffer and have their throats slit for McNuggets.”

Publications emphasized, however, that many netizens are calling out PETA with regard to their actions. Several individuals referred to the organization as “hypocrites” because their treatment of animals is allegedly “questionable.”

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ARMYs defend BTS and accused PETA of singling out the K-pop group

Some fans and followers, also, accused PETA of singling out BTS and McDonald’s “for attention and clout.” They explained that the non-profit organization has never criticized the K-Pop group in the past, despite frequently showing their meals consisting of meat on various occasions. Moreover, the septet has already endorsed similar products, as well, before but, PETA has not released any statement until their joint project with McDonald’s.

The collaboration is one of the group’s highly anticipated projects of the year. They officially launched the products of the joint effort on May 26, and have now arrived in some local and international McDonald’s stores.

The BTS meal includes 10 pieces of Chicken Nuggets, medium-sized fries, and Coke. Cheat Sheet said that the new dips, Sweet Chili Sauce and Cajun Sauce, are what make the food combo special.

Alongside this, it comes with a special package, indicating that it is the collaboration project with BTS. Moreover, several merchandise items, featuring the logo of the K-Pop group and McDonald’s have become available.

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