Do K-Pop idols date fans? Former artists reveal the truth

(Photo was taken from EXO's Official Instagram Account)

The dating lives of K-Pop idols have remained a trending topic among fans and followers. With their apparent fame and success, many are wondering whether they are seeing someone behind cameras.

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Can K-pop idols have relationships with their fans?

It is no longer shocking to know that some celebrities date other idols. What is surprising, however, is the possibility of K-Pop stars having relationships with their avid fans and supporters.

Koreaboo said that the former South Korean artists shone a light on the matter in their recent engagement. Way of Crayon Pop and Shinwoo of BLANC7 stated that they already witnessed such cases in the past.

It is, reportedly, “largely frowned upon” in the fan and idol communities. Even so, Shinwoo noted that K-Pop stars are “humans, as well,” adding that they can find their ideal type among fans.

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The talks between the two former K-Pop idols took place in an interview for Wayland‘s recent episode. Upon acknowledging the possibility of artists dating fans, they, also, shared how this likely happens.

They stated that fans and supporters sometimes leave their numbers or messenger app IDS in their presents and letters. There are even cases when they allegedly make communications through Instagram DMs. Whatever the case, though, Shinwoo and Way attested that they have already seen it a couple of times.

The two South Korean artists, also, answered the question of whether idols date members of their staff. The former BLANC7 member asserted that staff members “date a lot.” Although they did not mention any specifics about the matter, both celebrities emphasized that K-Pop stars always work closely with their staff members.

The recent discussion between the former members of BLANC7 and Crayon Pop became the only close confirmation of the matter. For years, there were only rumors and speculations in communities.

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K-pop artists’ relationship with fans can put their careers in danger

In a thread from Reddit, some netizens claimed that Junhyuk of Day6 “was kicked out” after his relationship with a fan got exposed. Although there were no clarifications about the controversy, it continues to be the reference many people provide when talking about K-Pop idols dating fans.

On Quora, several individuals have, also, repeatedly discussed the matter. The majority of the respondents seemingly believe that it is not impossible for a K-Pop idol to date a fan.

But, even so, some of them pointed out that it does not matter whether it happens or not. Several people shared a few concerns, though, especially regarding the safety and security of the fans who are potentially in relationships with a celebrity.

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