BTS Jungkook and V dating? Here’s why many think Taekook is real

Photos from the official Instagram account of BTS

BTS Jungkook and V have been together for almost a decade now. The K-pop supergroup, also known as Bangtan Boys, was formed in Seoul in 2013.

So far, Jungkook and V are undeniably two of the most famous members of BTS, owing to their equally impressive talent and visuals. However, some fans have started shipping the two K-pop idols, calling the tandem as Taekook.

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Numerous netizens believe that they are more than just friends. But, are BTS Jungkook and V really dating? Is ‘Taekook’ even real? Keep on reading to know more details.

Why BTS Jungkook And V Are Rumored To Be In A Relationship?

Aside from their apparent chemistry when performing on stage, BTS Jungkook and V are also known for their closeness to each other. As a matter of fact, there was a time when V felt so sick and Jungkook took care of him at the airport.

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it was also claimed that BTS Jungkook, sometimes, calls V during shoots to check if he got home safely. Another instance was when Jungkook have V his own blanket and pillow during a flight as the latter could not sleep without something to hug on.

Netizens have also shared their thoughts as to why they think BTS Jungkook and V are dating. Here’s what we found on Quora:

“When they were kids they were very close, they were partners in crime so to speak. Tae was the free-spirited wild child and Jungkook was the shy introverted youngest. Tae brought Jungkook out of his shell and Jungkook was in awe of Tae’s looks, talent and carefree spirit. Though Tae was older and the extrovert Jungkook had a certain mental and physical toughness that Tae did not have. So he became Tae’s protector and still is to a certain degree to this day. Tae has an ENFP personality and can be a bit clingy when it comes to the members of the group but especially Jungkook and over the years JK has grown to accept it.”

“Because there’s a lot of questionable things about their relationship. Jk and V were famous as the inseparable clingy duo in the early days. But once bts hit a high level of fame big hit started portraying them as strangers in all their official contents. Various scenes of them being physically separated from each other were seen by fans too. Big hit and other kpop agencies highly promote skinship between the members for the sake of fan service. And within bts as well, we can see that they are prompted to do a lot of skinship behind the cameras. So, this disparity in treatment between everyone else and taehyung and jungkook led people to believe that big hit is trying to hide a hat relationship between them. Especially since in all the fan cams and contents not released by big hit, taehyung and jungkook are seen to be quite close with each other. Fans believe that this difference in behavior might be due to big hit trying their best to make them seem distant in order to dissipate the rumors of a gay relationship within the band.”

“Tae and Kookie you know they are really close. So I think mostly fangirl, like me would really like to ship them. I also ship NamJin and HopeGa. Why? Because they are so close and acting so cute when staying together. Ya it’s depends, if u like to ship so TaeKook. If not just very close friends though^^”

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“Everything is possible. I personally can’t bring myself to ship taekook. But I don’t think they are together. There just isn’t a lot of evidence to support it. I’m sorry to all the Taekookers who might read this but it’s true, okay? And for the toxic taekookers, THERE ARE OTHER SHIPS!!! Taekook isn’t the only one so calm down! Thank you for requesting☺️”

“It’s because of the way they act with each other. They’re very sweet towards one another, and that leads to these kinds of things. Well, it’s basically just a ship. We adore them, and some of us likes to think that they’re dating with their fellow member. It sometimes makes other people mad and grossed out, but it’s fine because that’s their opinion. We just do and think what we like.”

BTS’s agency HYBE has denied all dating rumors hounding Jungkook and V. So, devoted followers of the K-pop idols should quit speculating that Taekook is real.

BTS Jungkook Is Not Dating Lee Yu Bi

Meanwhile, the agencies of BTS Jungkook and actress Lee Yu Bi have denied the dating rumors making rounds online recently. A YouTube video that surfaced earlier this week claimed that the two are an item.

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The YouTuber who uploaded the said clip on the popular streaming site claimed that Lee Yu Bi was a fan of BTS Jungkook and that her younger sister had followed his older brother. It added that Jungkook and Lee Yu Bi had worn matching clothes and bracelets.

Not only that because it was claimed that BTS Jungkook fits Lee Yu Bi’s description of her ideal man, which is a “manly man with pretty eyes.” On Monday, the actress’ agency Y-Bloom Entertainment said in a statement:

 “The dating rumours between Lee Yu-bi and Jungkook do not make sense. They have never even met each other and do not know each other.”

An unnamed source told AllKpop:

“When I asked her about the dating rumours, she just laughed. She was laughing because it was so obviously false.”

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Big Hit Music also denied the claims that BTS Jungkook and Lee Yu Bi are dating. The agency also warned of legal action against those who spread false information about V’s co-member.

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