Free Instagram Likes: Learn how to get more Instagram likes in 2022

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Instagram is arguably the most important social media platform. A high number of likes on Instagram is an easy indicator of a post’s popularity. Many of the largest brands and celebrities have thousands and sometimes millions of likes. Through this trend, our society has become dependent on likes as an indicator of success. This makes it crucial to know how to get more likes on Instagram.

Why should you care about your likes since Instagram began “hiding likes” in 2019? (FYI-In 2019, Instagram began a test in certain countries that involved “hiding likes”, in an effort to make for a more stress-free environment. Their philosophy was that everyone would be on an “even playing field” and healthier or less competitive.)

Many households and brands were surveyed about the tests and various answers were the result. Some people indicated that they felt less pressure while others felt like it changed the overall experience. Nevertheless, social media marketing is a must in today’s climate.

It all boils down to this: All social media likes are important if you are trying to promote your brand or your business. In today’s society, social media presence is more important than ever. With the current pandemic, many businesses and individuals have increased their online presence to stay afloat in the economy.

This increase in online presence is new for some people and brands. Before the pandemic, many were not dependent on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Now, likes and followers are crucial.

To help boost your brand’s online presence, you need to know how to get real Instagram followers and utilize Instagram’s algorithm. To make the process easier, we have compiled a list of 9 different ways you can increase the likes for your Instagram posts.

Sure, you can use established services to buy Instagram likes (such as, but let’s discuss some free ways to get more Instagram likes.

A few of the more obvious things have been skipped on this list. Taking high-quality photographs and being consistent should be a given. Additionally, use Instagram analytics tools and Instagram ads for increased follower growth and Instagram engagement.

How to Get More Likes on Instagram: 9 Tips

Increase your follower count on your Instagram page, boost your brand awareness, and get more likes with these 9 tips:

1. Let Other Brands Inspire You

Do you follow an account that seems to have absolutely everything going for them? Do they have thousands of followers and keep their audience highly engaged? If not, look on the explore page to find some!

Investigate and explore their strategies. Let an Instagram influencer and other leading brands inspire you and your approach. Keep your mind open to change and implement new ideas into your Instagram profile.

Take some time out of your day to find new accounts to follow that can be your inspiration. Follow businesses and brands that are in the same niche as you. Follow some that are slightly different and then follow a few that are vastly different. This is a great way to make your business profile more attractive to your targeted audience.

You are guaranteed to find new ways to inspire your business and your Instagram presence.

2. Run a Contest Based on Likes

There’s no doubt about it. People love contests and they LOVE the chance of winning FREE stuff. Creating an Instagram contest or giveaway is a great way to get more likes and followers.

You can offer a prize once you get to X amount of likes on a certain post. This can encourage people to have their friends and colleagues to follow your page. This can also drive fellow businesses and associations to follow your page. Also, try to incorporate user-generated content into the contest.

Marketers recommend offering something that can be tangible to your business or your brand. A great prize could be a free night’s accommodations at the new hotel you have opened and that you are promoting on Instagram. You could give away supplemental prizes to people who bring your business to your page.

Make sure that the prize is something that will drive sales to your new business. Be sure to follow up with the winner of the prize to keep them following your page and your brand.

Once you’ve created your contest, use platforms like LikeZoid to get free likes.

3. Work on your Hashtag Game

Instagram hashtag usage is of utmost importance in terms of Instagram followers and likes. By posting relevant hashtags, you make it easier for other people to find you. If you need to up your Instagram strategy, this is the easiest way.

Each post that you share needs to have at least 6-8 popular hashtags. Always make sure to use the right hashtags. You can use some broad hashtags, but be sure that at least half of them are more specific. This will ensure that your hashtag drives potential followers to your subject matter.

Examples: #restaurant is very broad and will not attract specific customers, while #ItalianRestaurants is less broad and will narrow the results for your potential followers.

4. Tag the Right Social Media Accounts

Did you write a product review for opening night in the hotel restaurant you just opened?  If so, by all means, tag the companies that supply your products! Let them know that you have written valuable content for them. This is a tried and true method as it has worked for us as well.

Recently, we wrote a review for a famous brand of kombucha, tagged the company and they shared the review with their entire audience on another social media outlet! How’s that for gaining potential new followers? Influencer marketing can be a great way to reach new audiences.

Just remember….. don’t overuse hashtags in terms of people and brands. If your hashtag is seen and appreciated, they will let you know.

5. Tag A Friend or Colleague

Make sure to tag your friends and family, especially when starting a new Instagram account. Send them a message and ask if they can tag their friends as well; and so on and so forth. This could potentially lead to unlimited contacts and followers.

If your brand or business works with other companies, ask them to like and follow you as well. Creating partnerships with other businesses is perfectly okay. Working together can help you network and may create further opportunities down the road. It will also expose you to customers that are real followers interested in what you have to offer.

6. Tag Your Location

Remember to tag your location in your post, especially if your brand has a physical location. Did you just open a new hotel? Restaurant? Boutique?

Make sure you tag your location so that potential followers and customers can find your new business! This is a great way to find real people and increase your number of followers.

7. Caption Quality Must Be High

Is writing not your strong suit? Do you cringe at the thought of having to retake high school English?

Don’t worry about that. No one is wanting you to write AP English level content. What is needed……correct grammar, punctuation, and syntax. Remember that your writing is a direct reflection of the brand that you are selling. You will gain more respect if you draft easy to read, grammatically correct, and engaging Instagram captions.

If you are not good at English or writing, have someone help you. Many friends or family would be glad to look over your work or check for errors. You can even use templates to curate attractive posts that are proven to help people click the follow button.

You need to always present yourself in a professional manner, but don’t be afraid to use emojis. The top posts always have good grammar and an engaging tone. You need to be able to adequately communicate with your followers in a professional way. Many consumers would not buy from you/want your service if you do not seem like a legitimate brand.

Also, include a clickable link to call to action to get a higher engagement rate per post. Perhaps add a link to your website’s homepage in your Instagram bio and a call to action to follow it on your caption.

8. Use Memes on Trending Items

Most Instagram users love memes. Using memes and other forms of jokes can be a great platform on Instagram. You must figure out who your audience is before trying this, though.

Some audiences would not appreciate this tactic, causing them to unfollow you. Many older audiences might not be accustomed to memes. You might want to “test” this approach before actively using memes or other on-trend items with them.

However, a meme can be a great thing to “break up the monotony,” especially if you cater to a younger target audience. Some followers do not want to see your brand/business daily. They don’t want their Instagram experience to be all about money or being sold on something.

Be sure you focus on your brand but also add in a little “flair” as well.

9. Mix up Content Types

The type of content you post matters. Be sure to mix up your Instagram content by posting a variety of quality content for your target audience. Don’t always post still photos. Don’t always post videos. Don’t always post selfies. Instead, use a variety of new content in your posting schedule.

Be sure that you post plenty of various content for your readers. Boring a potential follower isn’t the way you want to go. You want to keep fresh, new, exciting content for them. Fill your Instagram feed posts or reposts of photos, selfies, Instagram stories, Instagram live, boomerang video, stickers, and graphics to social networks efficiently.


We hope that our tips help your business get more double taps. Instagram marketing is an ever-changing animal. Instagram continues to be a driving force behind many brands’ sales models. You too can use this model effectively to drive sales and new customers. There are now services like Buzzoid where you can quickly buy Instagram followers in a matter of clicks, but not everyone has the budget for this.

Never forget the basics. Always post great Instagram photos. Your photo/video quality is enough to make a potential follower pass you by or follow you. Many people would go on to the next company or brand if you do not have professional-looking photos. Don’t be afraid to have a friend help you with this.

Last but not least, POST CONSISTENTLY. You will not be able to keep your followers and obtain more likes if you do not remember this cardinal rule. You must keep your readers engaged in order to drive traffic to your brand. If you only remember one thing in this article, remember that statement. In order to increase your likes and followers, you must keep them consistently interested. Update that posting schedule on a regular basis!

Just remember, anything worth having takes work. Think about your target audience and intended demographics to create content that sells. With consistent time and effort, you can learn how to get more likes on Instagram and create a killer business account on Instagram.

Download the Instagram app and tackle the Instagram algorithm today!