Hyun Bin, Son Ye Jin engagement 2022: ‘Crash Landing on You’ stars’ wedding date, venue and other details revealed

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Crash Landing on You cast members Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are getting married. Time flies so fast – one minute they’ve confirmed to be dating, the next, they are now announcing their marriage.

On February 10, Hyun Bin himself announced the good news, releasing a quite lengthy statement through VAST Entertainment’s Instagram account. VAST is the actor’s agency.

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Hyun Bin wrote:

“Hello, this is Hyun Bin. Is everyone doing well? I am writing this because I wanted to let my fans, who have shown me such enormous support and love and cherished me despite my flaws, know first about this most important decision of my life.”

He then jumped to the topic of marriage, presuming most of his fans already assumed what he was going to say. Hyun Bin added:

“Probably many of you have guessed, right? It’s true. I have made the important decision of marriage and am cautiously taking steps toward the second stage of my life.”


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Hyun Bin later detailed why he wanted to tie the knot with Son Ye Jin, saying:

“I have made this promise with the woman who always makes me laugh (Son Ye Jin): to always walk together in the days that lie ahead. The ‘Jung Hyuk and Se Ri’ who were together in the drama will take the first step together in that future.”

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Knowing his fans were the most supportive kind, especially of true love, the statement further read:

“I believe that people will rejoice and celebrate our first steps together with the same affection and warmth that you have shown us so far.”

The statement ended with Hyun Bin wishing his fans to keep staying healthy and happy.

Almost simultaneously, Son Ye Jin released the following statement on Instagram. She started her announcement by describing the man she wants to marry.


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The statement of Son Ye Jin read:

“Before I wrote this, I thought a lot about how to express myself. I wanted to say it as beautifully and as nicely as possible because it’s such a precious and important thing. I have a person that I want to spend the rest of my life with. It’s true. It’s the person you’re all thinking of (Hyun Bin). Just being with him gives me a sense of warmth and dependability.”

The girlfriend of Hyun Bin, then, admitted that settling down once felt unimaginable. However,  it became possible for her, saying:

“I had thought that a man and a woman meeting, sharing their hearts and promising each other the future was somewhat out of the range of imagination, but we naturally approached that point to get here.”

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Son Ye Jin also thanked all her fans for having a hand at making the relationship progress and reach marriage. The fiancé of Hyun Bin said:

“Thank you to everything that turned our relationship into destiny. Everyone, please congratulate the future that we’re going to make together.”

Like most K-wave stars getting married, Son Ye Jin promised her fans that she would work harder to be a better performer so that she can repay her fans’ support. Hyun Bin’s ladylove also hopes fans will remain happy in the coming days.

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Before they were paired for the hit drama Crash Landing on You, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin were already longtime friends. The lovebirds began dating after the show ended and went public with their relationship in January 2021.

Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin’s wedding will take place in Seoul in March, according to their representatives. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the pair would only invite their parents and some close friends to grace their wedding.

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