BTS Jin plastic surgery rumors 2022: Did ‘Butter’ singer undergo eyes, nose and face shape enhancement?

bts-jin-plastic-surgery-rumors-2022-did-butter-singer-undergo-eyes-nose-and-face-shape-enhancement Photo taken from the official Instagram page of BTS

It cannot be denied that BTS Jin is considered one of the most good-looking K-pop idols today. Besides his exemplary talent in singing and dancing, the co-member of Jimin, Jungkook, J-Hope, V, RM, and Suga is being adored because of his clean and very masculine appearance.

Recently, a top-rated plastic surgeon chose BTS Jin, among other members of the globally popular K-pop band, as the idol with the best outline. The “Life Goes On” hitmaker also received praises for his long eyes and nice eyelids.

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So, did BTS Jin undergo plastic surgery to improve his overall visual? Did he go under the knife just like what some of his critics and followers suggest? Keep on reading to know more details.

Did BTS Jin Undergo Eyes, Nose And Face Shape Enhancement?

Dr. Kim Jinseong of JT Plastic Surgery posted a video on the clinic’s official YouTube Channel and Naver page wherein he analyzed the faces of BTS Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, J-Hope, V, RM, and Suga. The plastic surgeon said all BTS members are attractive, with each of them having their own charm points and individuality.

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He, then, praised the stunning and unique features of BTS Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, J-Hope, V, RM, and Suga, and pointed out the global milestones of the biggest K-pop boyband in the world. When asked to select the member with the most astonishing eyes, nose, and face shape, Dr. Kim Jinseong chose V’s nose and Jin’s eyes and face shape.

Commenting on BTS Jin’s eyes, the plastic surgeon said:

 “Having a long horizontal width with lower under-eye line. It’s long, and the under-eye line goes down smoothly. Long horizontal width with lower under-eye line, a monolayer with a slight covering of eyelids, he has monolids, and his eyelids are covering his eyes slightly.”

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Dr. Kim Jinseong also made a statement on the face shape of BTS Jin, stating:

“I think picture 7 has the best outline. It’s proportional and balanced. With good luck and good fortune. I think it’s probably Mr. Jin’s outline. In Jin’s case, he has long eyes, nice eyelids. It gives a clean masculine feel. He has a high nose bridge and a natural nose shape. The thick lower lip is especially attractive, above all the overall proportion of the face is good, it’s like a handsome face that would even be handsome in a drama.”

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When asked to make the best face combination using the members’ visuals, the plastic surgeon created an image with lots of features from BTS Jin in it. Dr. Kim Jinseong shared:

“It’s important to having beautiful features separately, but it’s more important that you show your beauty as a whole face.”

The stunning visuals of BTS Jin did not only impress plastic surgeons but also his devoted supporters. As a matter of fact, the co-member of Jimin, Jungkook, J-Hope, V, RM, and Suga was selected as the most handsome member in the “BTS Answer the Web’s Most Searched Questions” interview conducted by WIRED.

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BTS Jin Shocked Netizens With His Thin Legs

Meanwhile, BTS Jin made it to the headlines again recently after a number of netizens noticed his thin body frame in his latest Instagram post. On March 11, a fan created a thread titled “What is up with BTS Jin’s legs…?” with snaps of the “Dynamite” hitmaker he shared online.

In the photo, BTS Jin was seen showing off a special character cap that completed his casual ensemble — a white t-shirt, a navy sweater,  and a pair of ripped jeans. While nothing appears weird at first look, some eagle-eyed fans looked closer and noticed how the denim pants made the K-pop idol look thinner.

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Some netizens were quick to comment on BTS Jin’s thinner frame. One fan stated:

“It’s true that he’s super thin. Park Jimin is really frail and has a short height but Jin, who is taller than Jimin, weighs less than him. His shoulder bones do everything because they’re so broad he doesn’t seem [thin].”

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A second netizen penned:

“I didn’t know he was on the thin side because of his shoulders. but looking at the pictures he is pretty thin. But male idols are usually like that.”

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Another commenter shared:

“If you look at him, he just looks thin. RM just has a chubbier face, but if you look at his overall shot he is also thin.”

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A fourth netizen wrote:

“He lost a lot of weight TTT Hearing him, I don’t think he’s on a diet, but he has a lot of activities so it’s likely he didn’t have an appetite and naturally lost weight.”

BTS Jin has yet to comment on the reports and comments about his thin frame.

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