BLACKPINK Jennie plastic surgery rumors 2022: Does Lisa, Rosé and Jisoo’s co-member have natural beauty?

blackpink-jennie-plastic-surgery-rumors-2022-does-lisa-rose-and-jisoos-co-member-have-natural-beauty Photo taken from the official Instagram account of BLACKPINK Jennie

BLACKPINK Jennie is, without a doubt, one of the prettiest K-pop idols today. The “Solo” songstress is admired for her flawless visage, swag attitude, and expensive aura.

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Due to her undeniable beauty, it comes as no surprise that BLACKPINK Jennie is getting many brand ambassadorships, including luxury fashion brand Chanel.

Her cat-like visuals had some critics wonder if she ever underwent plastic surgery to achieve her perfect look.

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So, did BLACKPINK Jennie undergo plastic surgery? Keep on reading to know more details.

Are BLACKPINK Jennie plastic surgery rumors true?

BLACKPINK Jennie caught the hearts of many when she was launched as one of the official members of YG Entertainment’s K-pop group. Fans loved the fact that the singer has a well-proportioned face and shape.

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The flawless beauty of BLACKPINK Jennie also made some K-netizens wonder if she underwent plastic surgery. A number of BLINKS were quick to do some research, trying to find her old photos and comparing it to her new images as a K-pop idol.

It was claimed that BLACKPINK Jennie had a stout face before, which changed later on after she was announced as part of the all-female supergroup.  However, many BLINKS later found out that there are no significant changes in Jennie’s facial features.

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Old snaps of BLACKPINK Jennie showed that she has a cute and innocent visage already even when she was younger. However, it was clear that her face had some minor alterations after YG Entertainment allegedly imposed a strict diet on the K-pop idol and her co-members.

A plastic surgeon previously analyzed if BLACKPINK Jennie is naturally pretty. The said expert did not mention anything about the “Ice Cream” hitmaker undergoing plastic surgery to improve her looks.

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Instead, the plastic surgeon commented on BLACKPINK Jennie’s flawless skin. The expert also admired the cat eyes of Lisa, Rosé and Jisoo’s co-member, adding that the only thing that changed was her skin, which is a bit fairer than before.

BLACKPINK Jennie tops April 2022 girl group member brand reputation rankings

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK Jennie dominated the April 2022 brand reputation rankings for individual girl group members, as revealed by the Korean Research Institute.

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An analysis of consumer awareness participation, media coverage, communication and community awareness indexes of 579 girl group members, using big data collected between March 17, 2022 and April 17, 2022, was used to determine the rankings for April 2022.

BLACKPINK Jennie garnered a whopping 3,891,015 points, which secured her place to the top of the ranking. Following the “How You Like That” hitmaker in second place is WJSN member Bona with 3,701,519 points.

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Completing the top 5 were Girl’s Generation Taeyeon, Red Velvet member Joy and BLACKPINK Jisoo. Red Velvet member Irene, BLACKPINK Rosé, Oh My Girl member Yoo-A, BLACKPINK Lisa and Red Velvet member Seulgi  made it to the Top 10, respectively.

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