TWICE Tzuyu relationship status 2022: Why is ‘TT’ Songstress linked to BTS Jungkook and V?

twice-tzuyu-relationship-status-2022-why-is-tt-songstress-linked-to-bts-jungkook-and-v Photo taken from the official Instagram account of TWICE Tzuyu

TWICE member Tzuyu is considered one of the K-pop artists with the most beautiful face in the industry. Her stunning visuals have opened a lot of doors and brought her to many different places. However, it also made her vulnerable to rumors, including about her love life.

So, is Tzuyu dating someone in secret right now? Is the Taiwanese songstress still single? Keep on reading to know more details about this talented and gorgeous TWICE member.

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TWICE Tzuyu’s Relationship Status In 2022 Revealed

According to reports, Tzuyu is currently single, and she is not dating anyone even in secret. However, just like any other K-pop idols, the “Rainbow” songstress was also linked to other artists.

As a matter of fact, there were reports saying that TWICE member Tzuyu could be the real-life girlfriend of BTS member Jungkook. The two stars sparked dating speculations after some fans pointed out that Tzuyu and Jungkook had looked at each other in between performances and award announcements during the 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards in Hong Kong.

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The oozing chemistry between TWICE Tzuyu and BTS Jungkook even pushed some of their followers to create photos of them together. One fan-made photo featured the two stars arriving at the Incheon International Airport while sporting matching shirts. Another edited snap showed the two singers posing intimately while taking a selfie.

Aside from Jungkook, TWICE member Tzuyu was also rumored to be dating BTS member V. The two stars sparked dating rumors after V shared photos of Day6’s concert around three to four minutes after TWICE did. Fans thought that the timing was very suspicious.

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Others speculated that BTS member V shared photos at the time because he was jealous of TWICE member Tzuyu at the Day6 concert. Some netizens suggested that the two are an item since they both opted for an all-black ensemble at the time.

However, up until now, neither JYP Entertainment nor Big Hit Entertainment has confirmed any of these alleged romances involving TWICE Tzuyu, BTS V, and Jungkook. So, devoted supporters of these three K-pop artists should take these unverified reports with a huge grain of salt until everything is proven true and correct.

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TWICE Tzuyu Looks Better in Real Life than in Photos

Meanwhile, a Korean outlet claimed that TWICE member Tzuyu is among the female idols who look 100 times better in person than through photographs and videos. The songstress has a lot of snaps and clips that went viral due to her undeniably stunning looks.

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So, it comes as no surprise that she was proclaimed by TC Candler as the “World’s Most Beautiful Face” in 2019. The outlet added that, no matter how many images of Tzuyu are taken, she would still manage to appear gorgeous and striking regardless of the angle.

Aside from TWICE Tzuyu, other female K-pop idols that made it to the said list are BLACKPINK member Jennie, who is known for her classy and breathtaking beauty, and IZ*ONE member Jang Wonyoung, who is also praised for her impressively proportioned features.

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