Brandon Lamar plans to apply for District 3 Pasadena City

brandon-lamar-plans-to-apply-for-district-3-seat Photo by Brandon Lamar for Pasadena City Council 2022/Facebook

On Wednesday, the District 3 candidate who finished second in the June 3 primary confirmed that he intends to seek the seat through the appointment process.

I will be applying to be the next representative of District 3,” Lamar told Pasadena Now. “No other applicant for appointment can say they demonstrated the depth of commitment in the past year in District 3.”

In the primary, Lamar came in second to John F. Kennedy. Lamar received 41.15% of the vote.

Kennedy passed away in July. On September 30, a memorial service will be held in front of City Hall.

The City Council has until Oct. 4 to appoint a replacement for Kennedy’s current term in District 3.
The City Council must go through the process again in December to fill the second vacancy, which was created by Kennedy’s reelection in June.
Despite the fact that several council members expressed a desire for voters to decide in a special election, the charter is clear.

The appointment must be made by the City Council within 75 days of the vacancy being created.