Is Vladimir Putin dying? Russian President reportedly seen limping and struggling to move his arm

is-vladimir-putin-dying-russian-president-reportedly-seen-limping-and-struggling-to-move-his-arm BELFAST, UNITED KINGDOM - JUNE 17: Russian President Vladimir Putin arrives at Belfast International Airport on June 17, 2013 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The two-day G8 summit, hosted by UK Prime Minister David Cameron, is being held in Northern Ireland for the first time. Leaders from the G8 nations have gathered to discuss numerous topics with the situation in Syria expected to dominate the talks. (Photo by Peter Muhly - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Vladimir Putin has sparked new rumours that he is ill and that his days are numbered.

According to a source at the Globe, Putin was recently seen walking around with a limp. On closer inspection, observant observers noticed that he couldn’t move his right arm.

The tipster said:

“Putin could be seen walking with a discernible limp as he made his way off the plane. There has been speculation about whether the Russian president is fighting Parkinson’s disease, a form of aggressive cancer, or was injured in an assassination attempt.”

Aside from that, some sources claim that one side of Putin’s face is swollen, and he can barely move it. The insider stated:

“When mosquitoes begin buzzing around the right side of his face, Putin raises his left arm in an attempt to swat them away while his right arm hangs limply by his side. He continues to itch and swat all around his head with one arm while walking with a slight limp.”

Regardless of what his critics say, Putin has never confirmed his health status. As a result, it’s very likely that they’re just overthinking things. In fact, there is no evidence that Putin has ever been seen limping or having difficulty moving his arm or one side of his face.

Meanwhile, these aren’t the only health-related rumours swirling around Putin. In recent months, there have been reports that he has been seen shaking while standing and even sitting.

There was also a time when Putin was rumoured to be experiencing grip issues. He was photographed with his fists clenched around the table.

Several other sources have predicted that Putin’s days are numbered because he does not appear to be in good health. However, none of their assertions are correct.

If Putin is ill or having difficulty working, his spokesperson will almost certainly make an official announcement about his health.