Maya Hawke new album 2022: ‘Stranger Things’ star reveals what inspired her to do ‘Moss’

maya-hawke-new-album-2022-stranger-things-star-reveals-what-inspired-her-to-do-moss LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - NOVEMBER 24: Maya Hawke attends the 2019 American Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on November 24, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for dcp)

Maya Hawke’s second album, “Moss,” will be released on September 23, and she has revealed that it is about her growing pains.

The “Stranger Things” star discussed how she explored and reevaluated aspects of herself as an adult while writing the songs for “Moss.”

“I think it’s cool that when I play shows, young queer women who love Robin can come and connect to my music as well,” Maya Hawke said to Flood.

Hawke, who plays a queer adolescent named Robin on “Stranger Things,” explained that she sees herself in her role and how it relates to her in real life.

“There’s a lot of cohesion there. I don’t feel like they’re so disjointed, or I need them to be different in the same way that I don’t need people to pretend I don’t have famous parents. I love Stranger Things! I love Robin. I love my parents. I love writing music. And I’m me in all of those situations.”

Hawke released “Thérèse,” the lead single from her second album “Moss,” in June, two years after her debut album “Blush.” “Sweet Tooth” was released two months later.

It occurs after Hawke visits the dentist. They put on a mask and put her to sleep. She then imagines her friends holding a memorial for her on the beach.

“‘Sweet Tooth’ was born out of conversations with Maya about the song, the album, and the unique feel of sweetness, cavity, death, and joy,” the music video’s director, Celine Sutter, explained. “We talked about care, caregiving, and childhood adult friendships.”

“This record is called Moss because I’ve been gathering a lot in the last few years,” the 24-year-old actress explained of the album’s title.

“Sitting still and collecting a green blanket of memories and feelings. Making this record was me trying to get up and shake it off and look at all of it. It was the first step in untangling myself and really trying to look at the rock under the moss.”

“When we finished the first recording session, I felt this eruption of joy, and I knew this feeling had to be on the record,” Hawke said of the song “Sweet Tooth.”

Hawke sang in a line from “Sweet Tooth,” “Told my mother that I love her,” referring to her mother, actress Uma Thurman. She sang about Thurman for the rest of the song, saying, “I’m grateful for everything you put me through/ It’s the only reason I’m any good to talk to.”

Aside from her mother and her own experiences, Hawke revealed to podcast host Kyle Meredith that she was inspired by Taylor Swift.