Ellen DeGeneres shock: Anne Heche gave Portia de Rossi a serious warning about her ex

ellen-degeneres-shock-anne-heche-gave-portia-de-rossi-a-serious-warning-about-her-ex LAS VEGAS - NOVEMBER 20: Talk show host/comedian Ellen DeGeneres performs at a taping of ''Ellen's Even Bigger Really Big Show'' during The Comedy Festival at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace on November 20, 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Following Anne Heche’s death on August 12, there has been renewed interest in her podcast “Better Together.”

Heather Duffy Boylston, a close friend of hers, co-hosted the event.

Heche discussed her romance with Ellen DeGeneres, whom she dated from 1997 to 2000, in a June 2021 episode.

The “Donnie Brasco” actor said that the comedian’s now-wife Portia de Rossi informed her years ago that she was thinking about having a sexual relationship with the former daytime TV program.

Since 2008, DeGeneres and de Rossi have been married.

“I’m going after Ellen,” De Rossi declared during Heche’s wedding to Coleman Laffoon in 2001, after they worked together on “Ally McBeal.”

Heche said about de Rossi:

“You won’t be the poster child, girl, because guess what, that poster child has already been taken. And by the way, it wasn’t a great spot. But… yours ain’t going to be any easier.”

But, according to Heche, she told De Rossi of DeGeneres:

“And I’m telling you now, like, red flag, red flag, red flag!”

In another podcast episode, Anne Heche accused Ellen DeGeneres of excluding her off “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” claiming that this caused networks and studios afraid to hire her owing to her difficulty promoting projects.

“People are coming to us now, and we’re receiving information about how she obstructed you in ways we had no knowledge,” Boylston said of DeGeneres when speaking with Heche.

“We’re learning that the show was used to keep you from going out. Ellen prevented you from appearing on the program, and everyone knows it,” she said, “to the point that friends of ours who have gone on the show have informed us that they were expressly advised in the green room before going on the show not to bring up your name.”

“If we live in love and compassion, and that is my destination and my wish for us all, I would say it was not her objective,” Heche said when asked why she broke up with DeGeneres.

Anne Heche was quietly taken from life support on August 15 after donating her organs.

The actress, 53, was taken to the hospital after crashing into a property in Los Angeles.

Heche’s Mini Cooper allegedly raced out of control on August 5, smashed into a house in the city’s Mar Vista area, and caught fire.

Over the weekend, the police also said that they would not be looking into the matter further.

E! Online reports though she was taken off life support, Anne Heche’s official cause of death is listed as inhalation and thermal injuries sustained in a vehicle accident.