Ellen DeGeneres shock: Portia de Rossi’s wife doesn’t care about not being invited at Anne Heche’s funeral?

ellen-degeneres-shock-portia-de-rossis-wife-doesnt-care-about-not-being-invited-at-anne-heches-funeral WESTWOOD, : US television actress Ellen Degeneres(L) arrives with her girlfriend-actress Anne Heche(R), who has a role in the movie "Sphere," to Mann's Village Theater in Westwood, CA for the premier of the action-thriller film 11 February. The movie was directed by Barry Levinson. AFP PHOTO HECTOR MATA (Photo credit should read HECTOR MATA/AFP via Getty Images)

Ellen DeGeneres has chosen to celebrate the love she has now instead of mourning the one she lost. She is celebrating her love for Portia de Rossi instead of being sad that she wasn’t invited to Anne Heche’s funeral.

There’s no doubt that she’s moved on from Anne Heche. She’s been totally and passionately in love with Portia de Rossi for the past 14 years. Still, since her ex-husband Heche died, everyone is looking at the comedian and talk show host again.

On their 14th wedding anniversary, which happened just days after her ex-girlfriend Anne Heche died, the 64-year-old former talk show host paid tribute to her wife, Portia de Rossi. DeGeneres didn’t hold back. She showed a beautiful video montage of her life with de Rossi and talked about how great it is to be in love.

The popular TV host captioned the video:

“It is pleasant to be adored. It is profound to comprehend. I love you, @portiaderossi. Happy 14! “

The former host of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” posted a clip of her and de Rossi’s best moments on her now-canceled daytime talk show on Instagram to show how much de Rossi loves her and how much she loves her, too.

The clip showed the couple acting silly during an apple-picking contest and the “Not So Newlywed” game. There was also a more serious part where de Rossi, who is 49 years old, gave DeGeneres a donation from her Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund.

Radar Online was the first to report that DeGeneres would not be at Heche’s funeral, so the anniversary and tweet came after that news. In particular, Anne’s funeral will happen, but Ellen was not asked to come. There will only be close family and friends there. Our sources say that it will be small and private.

Heche went into a coma after her car crashed into a house and caught fire. After going into a coma for a week, he was taken off the machine that kept him alive.

Almost every story about Heche’s accident and eventual death mentioned the host’s name. People will never forget that DeGeneres and Heche had an interesting history together. In the late 1990s, they were one of the few out Hollywood couples.

When Heche died, DeGeneres told the family of her ex-girlfriend on social media how sad she was. She wrote on Twitter:

“Today is a terrible day. I am sending my love to Anne’s children, family, and friends.”

Recently, the 911 call gave horrifying details about the tragedy, such as the fact that many neighbors tried to save the actress from her burning car but failed.

De Rossi and DeGeneres wed in August 2008 in Los Angeles. At the time, a source told Page Six that there were only twenty people at the small ceremony.