Lil Durk health update 2022: Is rapper fine? ‘Hats Off’ hitmaker spotted with DJ Khaled following eye injury

lil-durk-health-update-2022-is-rapper-fine-hats-off-hitmaker-spotted-with-dj-khaled-following-eye-injury NEW YORK, NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 09: Lil Durk attends PrettyLittleThing: Teyana Taylor Collection II New York Fashion Week on September 09, 2021 in New York City. (Photo by Gonzalo Marroquin/Getty Images for PrettyLittleThing )

Lil Durk appears to have terminated his medical leave after sustaining an almost fatal eye injury during Lollapalooza.

The teenage rapper was seen hanging out with DJ Khaled on his tour van, appearing to be in good health.

Lil Durk canceled his scheduled gigs to focus on his recuperation at the moment.

Lil Durk hangs out with DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled was seen hanging out with Lil Durk, who appeared to have healed from his catastrophic eye injury during Lollapalooza, in a video released on his Instagram account.

DJ Khaled captioned:

“GODDID #AUG26 Bless up the Great @lildurk THIS GOD DID ! My brother @lildurk KEEP GOING !”

DJ Khaled, who appears to be in good spirits, is praising the “7220” hitmaker for his enthusiasm and performance in the studio. (Image courtesy of Hot New HipHop)

Lil Durk was beaming from ear to ear as a result of the DJ’s encouraging comments. His duet with Khaled appears on the latter’s forthcoming album, “God Did,” due out on August 26.

This was not the 29-year-old rapper’s first appearance on DJ Khaled’s project. In 2021, he collaborated with Lil Baby and Khaled on “EVERY CHANCE I GET,” which became the best-selling hit from Khaled’s album “Khaled Khaled.”

Meanwhile, Lil Durk’s attendance was unexpected, given that it had just been a month since he was hurt in an altercation at Lollapalooza.

Lil Durk’s eye injury

Lil Durk is ready to cross the stage midway through his performance with Pooh Shiesty on “Back In Blood” when pyrotechnic equipment malfunctions.

Lil Durk was blasted twice with scorching smoke from the machine in the video.

The music abruptly halted to make way for Durk, who was clearly injured by the scorching smoke; everyone onstage quickly raced to his aid.

According to initial accounts, the rapper resumed his performance after a brief halt, but with “no more smoke.”

Lil Durk informed his followers about his injuries a day after the event. He stated at the time:

“Due to the incident that happened at Lollapalooza in Chicago on stage, I’ma take a break & focus on my health. I finished my performance yesterday for my fans. Appreciate y’all.”

Lil Durk appears to have healed from his eye injuries. He has not yet stated if he would resume the cancelled engagements.