Prince Harry heartbreak: Publishers rejected manuscripts of Meghan Markle’s husband for it lacks drama about the royal family?

prince-harry-heartbreak-publishers-rejected-manuscripts-of-meghan-markles-husbad-for-it-lacks-drama-about-the-royal-family LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 11: Prince Harry attends 100 Women in Finance Gala Dinner in aid of Wellchild at the Victoria and Albert Museum on October 11, 2017 in London, England. (Photo by Victoria Jones - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

There has been no formal publishing date for Prince Harry’s biography until now, and there may be a reason for this.

The source claimed Prince Harry’s publishers gently rejected his book numerous times because they couldn’t acquire what they needed from the Duke of Sussex.

According to the insider, it is fairly unusual for publishers to reject manuscript versions if they are unhappy with what they are reading. However, the fact that Prince Harry’s book was rejected many times is cause for concern.

The informant shared:

“It is not unusual for the content of books to develop and change throughout the creative process. Great publishers work with their authors rather than just simply printing whatever they write.”

According to the insider, Prince Harry was obliged to put bombshells in his memoir in order for the project to proceed. One of the shocking revelations is the identity of the individual he and Meghan Markle accused of racism.

However, the Duke of Sussex found it impossible to make this surprising disclosure in his book. After all, he’s not used to telling the world about his problems since he’s been told his entire life that he can’t express his emotions in public.

The tattler furthered:

“His whole life he grew up being told to shut up and carry on. He’s been taught to keep his feelings hidden deep inside. Now, he is being paid to literally cry out loud. As angry as he is with his family, this hasn’t been easy for him to do.”

However, the statements of the tabloid should be taken with a grain of salt. There is yet no confirmation that Prince Harry’s paper was rejected many times. According to recent sources, he has already sent the final draft of his book to his attorneys.

It’s also not true that Prince Harry’s biography will contain bombshell revelations about the royal family. Even if there are disagreements between The Firm and the Sussexes, Prince Harry is unlikely to forget that he is linked to the royal family.

So, exposing the dirt of others entails exposing the dirt of himself. And this is something Prince Harry would prefer not to do.