iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max to be $100 more expensive than iPhone 13 line? Here’s what we know

iphone-14-iphone-14-pro-iphone-14-pro-max-to-be-100-more-expensive-than-iphone-13-line-heres-what-we-know LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 24: LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 24: Apple launches the iPhone 13 in the UK at its Regent Street store on September 24, 2021 in London, England. (Photo by Ming Yeung/Getty Images)

The new iPhone 14 lineup is expected to be priced similarly to the iPhone 13 models.

However, new rumours have surfaced claiming that the upcoming iOS device will be more expensive than its predecessor.

According to rumours, the next-generation Apple smartphones will be $100 more expensive than the iPhone 13.

WedBush Securities analyst Dan Ives predicted that the new iPhone 14 lineup’s prices would rise by $100.

Ives stated:

“We believe a $100 price increase on the iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max is likely in store given component price increases as well as added functionality on this new release.”

According to Forbes, the alleged $100 price increase will specifically affect the iPhone 14 Pro models (Pro and Pro Max).

However, as Ives stated, the base iPhone 14 model will cost the same as the iPhone 13.

If his predictions come true, consumers could pay the following prices for the next-generation iOS device:

  • iPhone 14 Pro Max ($1,199)
  • iPhone 14 Pro ($1,009)
  • iPhone 14 ($799)

Various experts, on the other hand, claimed that the $100 price increase for the two high-end iPhone 14s is part of Apple’s new financial strategy, which includes a $30 premium for orders placed without a 14-month carrier contract.

When the new iPhone 14 lineup is released, Apple customers can expect a new pricing structure from the tech giant manufacturer.

Because there will be no Mini model, Apple stated that the base iPhone 14 would be the starting point for the next-generation iOS smartphones.

This means that the $799 iPhone 14 will be the cheapest option for consumers looking to upgrade their older Apple smartphones.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, this setup will likely cost consumers 15% more to upgrade to iPhone 14. Experts believe that this will not deter iOS users from purchasing the new iPhone 14 models.

Previously, critics claimed that the new iPhone 14 is inferior to next-generation Android smartphones.

In the meantime, an iPhone 14 storage upgrade is expected.