Son Seok Koo net worth 2022: Is ‘My Liberation Notes’ star a billionaire?


Son Seok Koo reportedly worked as the CEO of a large distribution company before landing the role of Mr. Gu in JTBC’s “My Liberation Notes.”

After joining the cast of the romance series alongside Lee Min Ki, Lee El, and Kim Ji Won, the 39-year-old versatile actor has received a lot of love from fans.

Interestingly, viewers are drawn to Son Seok Koo’s on-screen chemistry with Kim Ji Won, who plays Mi Jung, the youngest of the Yeom siblings.

“My Liberation Notes” is just one of his upcoming projects for 2022 and the following year.

Son Seok Koo will reprise his role as First Lieutenant Im Ji Seop in the K-second drama’s season after starring in Netflix’s “D.P.”

He is also currently filming the upcoming crime drama series “Casino” alongside Lee Dong Hwi and “Squid Game” actors Heo Sung Tae and Kim Joo Ryoung.

In terms of upcoming films, the 39-year-old actor has two projects in the works. The first, “The Roundup,” starring Ma Dong Seok, is set to premiere on May 18.

He will also star in the mystery romance film “Virus,” alongside Kim Yoon Seok and Bae Doona, both of whom he worked with in “Sense 8.”

Son Seok Koo’s net worth in 2022 revealed

With a slew of upcoming films and series, this means that his fortune will grow significantly.

According to, Son Seon Koo’s net worth in 2022 will be between $1 and $5 million.

While his acting career provided the majority of his earnings, he also runs a large corporation.

Son Seon Koo’S Career From CEO To K-Drama Superstar

In addition to acting, the 39-year-old star is the CEO of GOMT (LTD), a large machine tool distribution company.

According to an outlet, SBD Entertainment addressed rumors about Son Seok Koo’s career and confirmed that he was once involved in the company’s management.

According to reports, Son Seok Koo’s company earned $4.6 million in profit in 2016 and owned more than 30% of the company.

However, he had to relinquish his management responsibilities in order to focus on his acting career.

One interesting fact about Son Seok Koo is that he has always wanted to be a documentary director and create high-quality content.

This is why, at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, he majored in film and art. When he returned to South Korea, he did theater acting before making his on-screen debut as a Casino henchman in the 2014 film “Scarlet Innocence.”

Son Seok Koo’s passion for acting, film, and entertainment made him one of Hallyu’s most versatile male leads. He even had a Hollywood appearance for the show “Sense 8.”