Britney Spears shock: Kevin Federline suing ‘Toxic’ singer, Sam Asghari for bashing him online?

britney-spears-shock-kevin-federline-suing-toxic-singer-sam-asghari-for-bashing-him-online HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - JULY 22: Britney Spears (L) and Sam Asghari arrive at the premiere of Sony Pictures' "One Upon A Time...In Hollywood" at the Chinese Theatre on July 22, 2019 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari have been warned not to criticize Kevin Federline publicly.

According to National Enquirer sources, Federline is concerned about losing his children’s child support because they will soon become adults. So he’s planning ways to exploit his ex-wife, Britney Spears.

As a result, Federline is reportedly considering suing Spears and Asghari if they continue to bash him on social media.

An insider shared:

“Britney and Sam need to be very careful how they criticize Kevin. He’s extremely litigious and won’t hesitate to sue them. Sam is very protective of Britney, but he really needs to edit himself and not tweak Kevin’s nose any more than he has.”

Spears and Federline have been criticizing each other on social media in recent weeks. Because Federline accused Spears of not being involved in their sons’ lives, the exes have also dragged their children into the controversy.

As of this writing, Spears and Federline’s sons are in the custody of their father. However, the source claimed that this would not be the case anytime soon. Federline is therefore expected to suffer a significant financial loss.

The informant added:

“Kevin’s gravy train will end soon, which probably explains the timing of these hurtful statements. The boys are very smart and will be 18 soon to make their own decisions and may eventually realize the ‘tough’ part was having a father who hasn’t worked much in over 15 years as a role model.”

However, the claims of the tabloid should be taken with a grain of salt. Spears and Federline have recently stopped publicly criticizing each other. It’s possible that their lawyers are dealing with their problems.

It’s also worth noting that Asghari only slammed Federline after he made some false accusations against Spears. And he hasn’t said anything negative since Spears and Federline resolved their feud.

It’s unclear what Spears and Federline’s arrangement with their children looks like right now. However, the latter claimed that their sons had recently refused to see their mother. He also shared a video of Spears arguing with her two sons when they were younger.

Fans of the “Toxic” singer, on the other hand, were unsurprised by the video. In fact, the majority of them stated that fights between children and their parents are common.