‘The Sandman’ Season 2 finally happening? Author Neil Gaiman shares Netflix series’ fate

the-sandman-season-2-unlikely-author-neil-gaiman-reveals-real-reason-why STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN - MARCH 27: Felix Sandman, Camilla Ahlgren, Per-Olav Sorensen and Hanna Ardehn attend 'Quicksand' premiere by Netflix at Svenska Filminstitutet on March 27, 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden. (Photo by Michael Campanella/Getty Images for Netflix)

The fate of the second season of Netflix’s “The Sandman” has been revealed by author Neil Gaiman via Twitter, and fans are wishing this was just a nightmare.

Since its release on August 5, “The Sandman” has been the talk of the town, topping the Netflix Top 10 charts in its first week.

Many fans applaud Netflix for capturing the essence of Neil Gaiman’s stories, and the author is actively responding to tweets about the show. In a tweet urging fans to continue promoting the dark fantasy series, he solemnly stated, “If we get a second season.”

Despite the show’s success, fans were surprised that a sequel was not already in the works. Gaiman warns fans on Twitter that a second season is unlikely due to the show’s high production costs.

Other Neil Gaiman novels that have been adapted into television series include “American Gods” and “Good Omens,” while his books “Coraline” and “Stardust” have been adapted into films.

While “The Sandman” was only supposed to have ten episodes, fans are overjoyed because Netflix added a surprise episode with two stories titled “A Dream of a Thousand Cats” and “Calliope.”

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Gaiman discussed how the bonus episode was planned from the start. Gaiman explained:

“It was David Goyer’s suggestion, but we immediately embraced it. We would do 10 episodes and then there would be an 11th, a special that no one would know about. That’s what everyone knew they were buying. It also meant we could begin the process for those stories very, very early on.”

With the surprise that Netflix had in store for viewers, fans are hoping that “The Sandman” will be extended to a sequel, or that they can fantasize about one.

Tom Sturridge as Dream, Jenna Coleman as Johanna Constantine, Boyd Holbrook as The Corinthian, Vivienne Acheampong as Lucienne, and others star in “The Sandman.” Netflix has made the dark fantasy series available for viewing.