Ana de Armas revelation: Brad Pitt’s rumored ladylove telling pals she escaped a bullet after dumping Ben Affleck?

ana-de-armas-revelation-brad-pitts-rumored-ladylove-telling-pals-she-escaped-a-bullet-after-dumping-ben-affleck MILAN, ITALY - FEBRUARY 05: Ana de Armas attends Campari Red Diaries 2019 Press Conference at Cinema Anteo on February 05, 2019 in Milan, Italy. (Photo by Jacopo Raule/Getty Images for Campari )

Ana de Armas is overjoyed that her romance with Ben Affleck has come to an end.

Star said in its August 29 issue that de Armas felt she escaped a bullet when she ended her relationship with the actor. After all, she was well aware that dating Affleck had numerous obstacles, one of which was being continually trailed by paparazzi wherever she went.

An insider said:

“Every time she stepped out even to walk the dog, the photographers hounded them. She hated it.”

Due to the trauma she endured, de Armas supposedly relocated to New York from Los Angeles in order to live a quieter and more serene life away from the cameras and paparazzi.

In fact, de Armas claimed in an interview that one of the reasons her relationship with Affleck ended was because she struggled to deal with the attention that they received.

In contrast, Affleck appears to be a perfect match for his new wife, Jennifer Lopez. After all, the latter appreciates the attention she receives from the paparazzi and does not object to being followed wherever.

The tattler went on:

“Like Ben, Jen doesn’t mind being in the limelight.”

However, Lopez went through something comparable to what de Armas went through years ago. The Hustlers star also opted to end her relationship with Affleck due to the constant attention and criticism they received merely for seeing each other.

Affleck and Lopez were actually engaged at the time, but they had to call it off because they couldn’t handle the pressure. However, years in the industry helped the A-listers acclimate to the public glare.

They are still being trailed by paparazzi everywhere, but it appears they are coping well with the pressure.

Lopez and Affleck actually married again this past weekend. This time, though, they held a larger ceremony in Georgia, which was attended by all of their family and friends.

Last month, the couple married in Las Vegas, where they also queued with other non-celebrity couples to obtain a marriage license.

There have been rumors that now that Affleck and Lopez are married again, they will focus on having children.