Jarette Jones shock: ‘Love is Blind’ star sighted in Costa Rica amid cheating allegations, divorce announcement

jarette-jones-spotted-in-costa-rica-following-ex-wife-cheating-allegations-amid-divorce-announcement ATLANTA, GEORGIA - FEBRUARY 27: (L-R) Matt Barnett, Amber Pike, Cameron Hamilton, Lauren Speed, Giannina Gibelli, Damian Powers, and Kelly Chase attend Netflix's Love is Blind VIP viewing party at City Winery on February 27, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for Netflix)

Jarette Jones was spotted in Costa Rica enjoying some “ME TIME” following the announcement of the “Love is Blind” couple’s breakup.

Jones took to Instagram to share “ME TIME” moments from his trip to Rainmaker, Costa Rica, where he was dressed in black and blue and wore white slippers while holding a stick that appears to be his guide as he climbed his way to the falls.

In a second photograph, the actor can be seen feeling the gift of “freedom” and “nature” as he opens his two arms in the air, as if receiving or preparing to receive something from above.

The caption reads:

“In a world full of opinions, I have everything to be grateful for!!”

Jones’ caption could be related to rumors that his soon-to-be ex-wife is currently “dating” someone else.

Jones reacted to the issue of “cheating” in a series of tweets, according to Enstarz, in which he addressed the allegations.

Jones questioned the “rumors” regarding his ex-partner having an “affair,” saying:

“…I’m just laughing… like where are y’all getting this from?!?”

In which Iyanna McNeely also expressed her thoughts on the current controversy, she confirmed the couple’s divorce announcement while indirectly denying the accusation leveled against her.

On her Twitter account, she posted:

“…idk where in the hell that narrative came from”

Fans can’t help but react to the “cheating” allegations in the midst of divorce, saying that people believe that if a couple divorces, there is always a “cheating” narrative when, in reality, some couples aren’t meant to be together.

Which one fans appear to be justifying the allegations by saying that perhaps people asked because they believe if a couple divorces, it is not for “petty” reasons such as infidelity.

Jones, on the other hand, only provided an indirect response to the speculation.

Meanwhile, fans are divided about their “opinion” on the couple’s divorce announcement.

Some people fully support their decision, saying things like:

“When you stop caring about other people’s opinion, you start to enjoy life!!!!”

However, some fans want them to continue what they’ve started, asking him to please work things out and return to his wife.

The couple recently took to Instagram to share the sad news of their breakup.

Jones and McNeely are one of two couples who married in the series “Love is Blind,” which aired in one of the show’s Season 2 episodes.