Kourtney Kardashian shock: Is Scott Disick’s ex breaking away from Kim, Khloe and the entire Kardashian-Jenner clan?

kourtney-kardashisn-shock-is-scott-disicks-ex-breaking-away-from-kim-khloe-and-the-entire-kardashian-jenner-clan SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA - SEPTEMBER 21: CEO and founder of Poosh, Kourtney Kardashian speaks onstage the Create & Cultivate Conference at SVN West on September 21, 2019 in San Francisco, California. (Photo by Kelly Sullivan/Getty Images)

Is Kourtney Kardashian severing ties with the entire Kardashian-Jenner clan?

She appears to have missed important events, and she has been seen shading her siblings during their rumored rivalry.

When Kylie Jenner celebrated her 25th birthday with elder sister Kim Kardashian, rumors of a feud began to circulate.

They shared a TikTok video of her birthday bash on a huge boat.

A spectacular fireworks display, the unwrapping of personalized presents, and too much wine were all part of the celebration.

After that, the SKIMS mogul joined the drinking circle, taking a shot with the Kylie Cosmetics CEO before spitting her drink back into her glass.

Viewers were then perplexed by the absence of the oldest Kardashian sister and wondered why she and Khloe Kardashian skipped her sister’s birthday.

According to The Sun, Kourtney has started to distance herself from her siblings.

One explanation could be that Kourtney Kardashian cares more about the environment than Kim and Kylie.

The couple has previously faced backlash for flying on their private jets, with Kylie taking a 17-minute ride on her $72 million private jet and Kim owning one worth $150 million.

Kim spent $400,000 on gas and another $100,000 on maintenance for every 200 hours flown each year, according to TMZ.

Meanwhile, Kourtney is proud to be doing her part to protect the environment.

Another reason Kourtney Kardashian may be estranged from her sisters is that she is the only one who does not appear to be obsessed with perfection, as the rest of her family is.

While her sisters need a team of makeup artists and hairstylists to get ready, Kourtney isn’t afraid to show off her natural skin.

In August, the reality star ditched her entourage and went bare-faced in Idaho, exposing her wrinkles and creases beneath her armpits.

She and her husband, Travis Barker, traveled to the state with their children, Penelope, 10, Reign, 7, and Mason, 12, for a lake vacation.

Landon, 18, and Alabama, 16, are Kourtney’s stepchildren.

The mom-of-three also revealed her hair and makeup routine on social media, writing:

“I did my hair and makeup here, the same ways I always do it really basic.”

It also appears to be a subtle dig at her siblings, who are constantly in need of help getting ready for the day.