Ozzy Osbourne new album 2022: ‘Patient Number 9’ can cause trouble because of this

ozzy-osbourne-new-album-2022-patient-number-9-can-cause-trouble-because-of-this LOS ANGELES, CA - SEPTEMBER 12: Ozzy Osbourne performs during the Sunset Strip Music Festival at Sunset Boulevard on September 12, 2009 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images)

In a clip from Ozzy Osbourne’s upcoming Patient Number 9 album, he predicts that a chorus line from his collaboration with Eric Clapton, “One Of Those Days,” will “cause trouble.”

For one thing, he revealed that the famous English guitarist did not like it. Clapton was reportedly already uneasy after hearing the lyrics to that song.

Osbourne discusses the recording of his follow-up to Ordinary Man in the most recent issue of Classic Rock, praising Eric Clapton for his “fucking incredible” work on “One Of Those Days,” one of the album’s standout tracks.

The line appears in the song’s chorus:

“One of those days that I don’t believe in Jesus”

Ozzy fully expects this sentiment to “cause shit.”

Contrary to popular belief, Osbourne is not disparaging Jesus Christ personally in this statement.

He clarifies that:

“It’s not an I Am An Anti-Christ song. It’s about those days where everything goes f**king wrong, and you’re going nuts trying to fix everything up.”

The singer admits that when Clapton, then 77, first heard the lyric, he expressed concern, prompting Ozzy to consider changing it.

He revealed that they attempted to do something with the lyrics, but none of the options sounded right. He claimed they tried to replace it with “I don’t believe in Christmas,” but it didn’t sound right.

He eventually stated that when the world has gone wrong, the lyrics “losing faith in Jesus” make more sense.

Many events occurred in the musician’s life that caused him to bemoan the state of the world. He has had numerous health issues in the past. He has Parkinson’s disease since 2003 and has had numerous spine surgeries as a result of a fall in 2019.

Ozzy broke his neck in a quad bike accident 16 years ago, and while he recovered completely, a fall at home three years later worsened the damage, necessitating surgery and causing the Black Sabbath singer much pain.

As a result, Ozzy told The Sun that seeing him in this condition breaks Sharon’s heart, but that things could be worse.

Ozzy is also fortunate in that he appears to have developed Parkins, a mild form of Parkinson’s disease. The musician told the publication:

“I don’t shake at all.”

His doctor even told him privately that Ozzy’s Parkinson’s is the “mildest ever” in his practice.

His previous spinal injury, that he first sustained in a Quad bike accident and was significantly worsened by a fall three years prior, necessitated many surgeries, the first of which left him in “agony.” He was also warned at the time by the physician that he was at risk of remaining paralyzed for the rest of his life, but things miraculously improved following his procedures.