Teresa Guidice shock: Brother Joe skipped wedding because TV star spread malicious rumors about him?

teresa-guidice-shock-brother-joe-skipped-wedding-because-tv-star-spread-malicious-rumors-about-him NEW YORK, NEW YORK - MAY 16: Teresa Giudice attends the 2022 NBCUniversal Upfront at Mandarin Oriental Hotel at Radio City Music Hall on May 16, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

Teresa Guidice allegedly had a dispute with her brother, Joe, and sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, because she made rumors about them and did not support their relationship.

According to Life & Style, the couple was conspicuously absent from Guidice and Luis Ruelas’ recent wedding because they do not get along.

According to a source, Joe and Melissa’s troubles with the reality television personality have been ongoing for some time.

A tattler claimed:

“Melissa and Joe have had their issues with Teresa before, but when she started spreading rumours about their marriage, that killed the relationship.”

On the other hand, according to the source, Joe and Melissa Gorga have no respect for Guidice.

The insider added:

“She’s been a thorn in their side for so long, always making trouble for them. Pretending to be happy for these two seemed phony to them, so they decided not to go to the wedding.”

Their refusal to attend Guidice and Luis Ruelas’ wedding did not sit well with the newlyweds. Consequently, both spouses have engaged in a back-and-forth regarding their hurt feelings towards one another.

The tabloid is sure that Guidice and her brother do not get along due to the wedding toast that Ruelas gave to his new bride.

He acknowledged both his family and his wife’s family on their special day. And Guidice responded by mentioning her chosen family in her own declaration.

However, this did not indicate that she was disparaging her brother or Gorga. Therefore, it is unclear where the rumors originate and why the tabloid insists that the couples are feuding.

It is also typical for siblings to have misunderstandings and disputes. Thus, there is no reason for the tabloid to make a big deal about the misunderstanding between the siblings.

There are numerous reasons why people, including family members, miss weddings. Joe and his wife may have been absent due to scheduling constraints and/or other logistical issues.

Their absence does not necessarily imply an ongoing feud between the couples. If there are reports, only the parties involved can confirm or refute them.