Victoria Beckham fury: David’s wife turning into monster-in-law because she thinks Nicola Peltz isn’t deserving of Brooklyn?

victoria-beckham-fury-davids-wife-turning-into-monster-in-law-because-she-thinks-nicola-peltz-isnt-deserving-of-brooklyn WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA - FEBRUARY 25: Victoria Beckham arrives at the 15th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards viewing party held at the Pacific Design Center on February 25, 2007 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Victoria Beckham supposedly became a horrible mom-in-law because she believed that no woman would ever be suitable for her son, Brooklyn Beckham.

According to Life & Style, Peltz and Victoria formerly got along very well. But circumstances altered soon before Peltz and Brooklyn wed. Since then, the two women in Brooklyn’s life have avoided each other at all costs.

An unnamed source claimed:

“A lot of mothers never think any girl is good enough for their son, but Victoria is encroaching on monster-in-law territory.”

The tipster added that Brooklyn, Victoria’s favorite son, even tried to urge her mother to get along with Peltz. She refused to listen, however.

Posh Spice is reportedly angered at Peltz’s massive popularity. She believes that one of the reasons behind this is that she married into the Beckham family.

Victoria is also enraged at her daughter-in-law since she worked so hard to build the Beckham brand, while Peltz appears to be taking everything for granted.

The informant shared:

“When U.K Tatler crowned Nicola the ‘New Mrs. Beckham,” on its August cover – which Brooklyn feted on Instagram – it made Victoria furious. Brooklyn pleaded with his mother to play nice, but she won’t do it.”

According to the insider, Victoria’s relationship with Peltz deteriorated when Brooklyn called out her mother. The former singer is reportedly now screaming and lashing out at her daughter-in-law.

It added:

“Victoria insults Nicola and fights with her constantly. They even had a screaming match in the middle of their wedding.”

Beckham’s wife reportedly became irritated when Peltz refused to accept her wedding gifts since the American model was very cheap. The fashion designer reportedly laments the fact that Brooklyn married a spoiled brat rather than a nice woman.

However, the tabloid’s allegations should be taken with a grain of salt. There is currently no evidence that Victoria and Peltz are engaged in a feud. In addition, they have no motivation to fight.

After all, Peltz and her in-laws have always gotten along. And if Victoria had an issue with Peltz, Brooklyn would not have been able to proceed with their wedding since he would not have his parents’ consent.