Andrew Tate shock: Internet personality breaks silence following TikTok, Facebook, Instagram bans

andrew-tate-shock-internet-personality-breaks-silence-following-tiktok-facebook-instagram-bans A picture taken on January 21, 2021 in Nantes, western France shows a smartphone with the logo of Chinese social network Tik Tok. (Photo by LOIC VENANCE / AFP) (Photo by LOIC VENANCE/AFP via Getty Images)

Andrew Tate, a controversial online figure, delivers his final message in a video after being banned from major social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and, most recently, Tiktok.

Following his recent ban from Tiktok, the former professional boxer uploaded an hour-long video message to Vimeo. Because of his current YouTube ban, internet personality Jake Paul posted the video on his behalf. The bans are the result of his “misogynistic comments.”

Tate addressed the ongoing allegations against him in the video, mentioning his childhood experience and defending his “truth.”

Tate spoke:

“The public consciousness has been polluted to where narratives are being purported, which are absolutely and utterly false, and it’s having a genuinely negative impact on the people I care about, and the people who care about me”

Tate then went on to defend himself against the “misogynist” allegations leveled against him, before concluding the video message by announcing that his remaining social media channels would be dedicated to charity.

Tate stated in the video:

“A lot of these attacks against me are disguised under the virtue of caring about women. But none of these people attacking me care about women. None of them donate to women’s charities. None of them donate to charity like I do.”

Netizens across multiple social media platforms have been talking about the controversial internet personality and his troubling content. Users expressed their concerns about the former boxer on Twitter.

Despite the star’s social media ban, fans are still concerned because fan accounts promoting his content have thousands of followers.

Many people are wondering why Jake Paul promoted Andrew Tate’s video. Tate first challenged Jake to a boxing match in 2021, and the latter has been vocal about his displeasure with Tate being banned from social media, emphasizing his right to “free speech.”

Despite promoting the now-canceled personality’s video, Jake Paul stated that he disagrees with Tate’s viewpoints.