Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez heartbreak: ‘Bennifer’ too old to have their own child?

ben-affleck-jennifer-lopez-heartbreak-bennifer-too-old-to-have-their-own-child VENICE, ITALY - SEPTEMBER 10: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez attend the red carpet of the movie "The Last Duel" during the 78th Venice International Film Festival on September 10, 2021 in Venice, Italy. (Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images)

This weekend in Las Vegas, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez hitched the wedding for the second time. It appears that the couple now desires to advance their relationship.

According to New Idea, both Affleck and Lopez are pleased with their respective offspring. Affleck has three children with Jennifer Garner, his ex-wife. And Lopez is the ex-wife of Marc Anthony, and they share two children.

According to a source, the couple desires to grow their family by having a biological child. However, this is no longer possible because they are both elderly.

The informant said:

“Ben and Jennifer are happy they had the opportunity to have children with their previous partners. But it’s been hard to accept that their one-time dream of having a child together will likely no longer be possible. They’ve missed the baby boat, so to speak.”

The source stated that Lopez’s likelihood of utilizing her own eggs to conceive with Affleck is remote. After all, the star of Hustlers is already in her fifties. Therefore, if the couple insists on having their own child, adoption is their only viable alternative.

The tipster added:

“If Jennifer did decide to carry his child, it would most likely have to be through the use of a donor egg, which would defeat their original goal of having a child that was part of them both. Knowing they will never be able to meet that baby they once fantasized about having so many years ago is bittersweet.”

However, the tabloid’s allegations should be taken with a grain of salt. Lopez and Affleck are not disappointed that they cannot have another child because they already have five children together. And this is already a considerable amount.

Last year, when Affleck and Lopez reunited, they were aware that Lopez could no longer conceive a biological child due to her age. Therefore, it is doubtful that the couple exerted pressure on themselves to have a child.

The only option for Affleck and Lopez to add a kid to their family would be to adopt a child.