Olivia Newton-John shock: John Travolta’s friend convinced she could beat cancer, banned family and Friends from thinking negatively about her illness

Olivia Newton-John reportedly believed she could overcome her cancer. MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 20: Olivia Newton-John speaks during the opening of the Olivia Newton John Cancer & Wellness Centre at Austin Hospital on September 20, 2013 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images)

Olivia Newton-John was an exemplary example of positivity.

In its August 29 issue, National Enquirer said that Newton-John struggled to maintain a cheerful attitude despite her sickness.

According to one version, she was so optimistic that she convinced herself that she could beat her cancer.

The star of Grease fought the disease for thirty years before succumbing to it this month. She also forbade her relatives and friends from speaking adversely about her illness before she went away.

The informant said:

“She literally banished all negative talk about her condition. She refused to believe the cancer was getting worse, right up until the end. Olivia vowed she wasn’t going to allow herself to be defeated by this disease and pursued every possible avenue to make sure she lived as long and as well as possible.”

The actress supposedly also attempted a variety of alternative treatments in the hopes of being completely cured. So, despite the fact that she was already feeling somewhat weaker prior to her death, she remained certain that she would fight her cancer.

The tipster added:

“Olivia believed she would somehow miraculously be saved. She literally envisioned that she was cancer-free and Olivia believed that at the very least, it brought her extra time on this earth.”

Meanwhile, Newton-John was also in the news this week due to reports that she had a secret crush on John Travolta until her death.

According to Globe, both Newton-John and Travolta have always had a crush on their co-star. However, because they were always in relationships with other individuals, they never had the opportunity to act on their feelings for one another.

After Newton-John’s death, Travolta quickly paid her and their decades-long friendship respect. When the actress was still alive, she stood by John during some of his most difficult times in life.

When Kelly Preston, Travolta’s wife, passed away, Newton-John offered him words of comfort and support. Consequently, he does the same for Newton-John’s family.

Even though the two A-list celebrities have always been friends, this does not mean that they formerly had a crush on each other.