Chris Martin shock: Coldplay frontman stops show again, makes fan ‘burst into tears’

coldplays-chris-martin-stops-show-again-makes-fan-burst-into-tears MADRID, SPAIN - APRIL 11: Chris Martin of Coldplay performs on stage presenting their new album "X&Y" at the Pacha Club on April 11, 2005 in Madrid, Spain. (Photo by Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images)

Chris Martin interrupted Coldplay’s performance once more, but this time he made a big move for a fan who later became emotional because she couldn’t believe one of the best experiences of her life was about to happen.

According to the Independent UK, the band’s frontman interrupted the performance to create a tattoo for an ardent fan named Mattie Jolley.

The Hertfordshire resident has been a fan for many years. He has seen at least ten Coldplay concerts in the last few years.

Jolley brought a placard that read “Chris, design my tattoo please” to their most recent concert.

The man “burst into tears” as he was shocked when he realized her long-awaited moment had arrived.

Speaking of the encounter, Jolley expressed gratitude for being chosen as one of the 80,000 people who attended the show to interact with Chris Martin.

Martin can be seen singing while doodling on a piece of paper in a short video shared by the fan on his Twitter account.

He captioned the post:

“So Last night still hasn’t hit. Getting Don’t Panic was great but better of all, Chris saw my sign and came down to me during Fix You to draw me a tattoo… like WHAT!!!!!!”

Throughout the evening, Jolley stated that the vocalist had noticed him and made frequent eye contact with him.

Later, he knelt and asked the fan for his pen and paper.

The tattoo design, according to the fan, is a “really cool love heart” with an infinity symbol around it.

He hasn’t gotten the tattoo yet, but he intends to add the words “Never Give Up” and the love logo.

The most recent fan encounter occurred just a few days after Coldplay performed at their “Music of the Spheres” concert in Wembley, where Chris Martin abruptly ended the performance.

While singing “Sky Full of Stars,” the singer paused and asked the audience to stop filming because he wanted them to be in the moment while singing.

He mentioned that it was the only song he didn’t want them to record anymore.

He said:

“If we could just have one song with no cell phones, no cameras, no devices, nothing, just the power of people, people power.”