Gabbie Hanna shock: TikTok Star uploads 100 videos a day, sister tells worried fans to let her be

gabbie-hanna-shock-tiktok-star-uploads-100-videos-a-day-sister-tells-worried-fans-to-let-her-be BEVERLY HILLS, CA - OCTOBER 22: Gabbie Hanna attends The 8th Annual Streamy Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on October 22, 2018 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Streamy Awards)

Gabbie Hanna, a TikTok star, prompted police officers to conduct a wellness check after posting bizarre videos on the platform.

Variety and other news outlets confirmed on Wednesday that police officers had visited Hanna’s Los Angeles home in response to her followers’ concerns following her 100 bizarre TikTok videos in just one day.

The TikTok videos showed her crying, laughing, and screaming while discussing various topics such as death and religion. She also claimed to be the most intelligent person on the planet.

In one of her videos, she wrote:

“Heaven is in earth believe or don’t but if u do you’d be real dumb to not tell everyone you know in joy tbh. Jesus is literally here. Or not. You choose I guess.”

Her fans were concerned about her, especially since she previously stated that she had bipolar disorder.

In another post, she claimed that someone named “Nicolas” broke into her home.

A news outlet reported that the psychological evaluation team checked on her during the police officers’ visit. The LAPD also gave her a wellness card, and the evaluation team determined that she was not a danger to herself or others.

Following the incident, she posted a new video of herself in a hot tub, revealing that she had been cuffed and detained by five officers who “barged” into her home.

Nonetheless, she made another concerning statement, claiming that she is fortunate to be “smart, educated, kind, and brave,” which enabled her to defeat the evaluation specialists who wanted to admit her to a hospital.

Cecilia Hanna, Hanna’s sister, recently commented on the TikTok star’s most recent video after fans repeatedly expressed their concerns.

A fan was able to capture a screenshot of Cecilia’s comment, in which she told everyone to mind their own business.

She explained that the family is doing “what can be done from here,” and she appeared to express her disappointment by referring to her sister’s internet fans as “strangers.”

Cecilia concluded her statement by assuring everyone that Hanna understands what she is doing as an adult.

Gabbie Hanna rose to prominence on social media in the 2010s and quickly dominated Vine until its demise in 2016. She then concentrated on her YouTube channel, which she launched in 2014.

Her celebrity prompted her to compete in and win the “Dance Showdown.”