Anne Heche heartbreak: Actress died without fixing strained relationships with Ellen DeGeneres, Steve Martin?

anne-heche-heartbreak-actress-died-without-fixing-strained-relationships-with-ellen-degeneres-steve-martin BERLIN, GERMANY - FEBRUARY 17: Anne Heche attends Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg Reception at The 68th Berlinale International Film Festival on February 17, 2018 in Berlin, Germany. (Photo by Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images for Glashuette Original)

Anne Heche perished nine days after crashing her Mini Cooper into a house and igniting a large blaze that engulfed the residence.

National Enquirer reported in its Sept. 5 issue that Heche’s early death was a tragedy because she never got the chance to restore her relationships with Steve Martin and Ellen DeGeneres.

Prior to her passing, Heche contemplated contacting the two A-listers, but she never had the chance.

An insider stated:

“Anne was aware of the pain she’d caused Ellen and regretted it. She often told friends, ‘Before I die, I want Ellen to forgive me.'”

According to the insider, Heche attempted to contact DeGeneres multiple times after their breakup. However, she later discovered that the comedian refused to speak with her because she believes Heche used her.

In the meantime, the source stated that Heche had also deeply wounded Martin. Friends of the late actress reportedly believed that the A-listers would eventually wed. Martin was already considering how he would propose to Heche, but she stopped him in his tracks.

The tattler added:

“He never stopped loving her. He’s devastated she didn’t make it.”

However, the tabloid’s allegations should be taken with a grain of salt. Since Heche has already died, it is preferable to leave her in peace.

There is no longer any need for tabloids to fabricate stories about Heche and DeGeneres, as she is no longer available to clear her name.

It is also essential to understand that DeGeneres and Heche ended their relationship a long time ago. Therefore, it is likely that they have already moved on from one another.

There is no evidence that Martin fell in love with Heche and desired to marry her. It is evident that the tabloid made up this tale.

Homer, 20, and Atlas, 13, sons of Heche, published a statement thanking everyone for the outpouring of love and support they have received since their mother’s loss.

They stated:

“My brother Atlas and I want to thank Tyler, Noelle, and all the amazing people at Hollywood Forever for their kindness, compassion, and generosity of spirit. We are convinced our Mom would love the site we have chosen for her; it’s beautiful, serene and she will be among her Hollywood peers.”

Hollywood Funeral Home handled Heche’s last arrangements, according to People.