Neurosis fired Scott Kelly in 2019? Band breaks silence over vocalist’s shocking claim

neurosis-fired-scott-kelly-in-2019-band-breaks-silence-over-vocalists-shocking-claim Thibault Trillet/Pexels

Scott Kelly shocked the world when he posted a lengthy statement online about the recent allegations against him, in which he admitted to abusing his wife and children. Today, Neurosis broke its silence and addressed the issue.

The famous rock band took to their official Facebook account to share a lengthy post regarding their former vocalist’s confession, saying they were disgusted and disappointed with what the singer did to his family.

The group began their statement by stating that they had already parted ways with Kelly in 2019 after learning of the “severe acts of abuse” he had inflicted on his family over the previous few years.

Neurosis claimed that their bandmate told them about his marital problems and verbal abuse at the time.

They didn’t hesitate to kick him out of the band because they believed he had crossed a line.

They initially did not publicize the matter due to his wife’s request for privacy, as her family does not want their problems to become gossip in the music industry.

The band believes that now that their groupmate has finally admitted to his wrongdoings online, it is time for them to speak up.

Neurosis stated that they have lived apart for the past 20 years and that they only see Kelly during their shows or when they work on music.

They had no idea what he was doing behind closed doors with his family.

They noted that it was difficult to “reconcile the horrible information with the person” they thought they knew after discovering the truth years ago.

They attempted to contact him over the past three years to have an honest conversation about the status of their band and to stay up to date on his family’s situation, but he refused to speak to them.

Although Kelly had already admitted his mistakes, Neurosis believes his post was another opportunity to manipulate and control the story’s narrative.

They concluded the post by stating that their primary concern is Kelly’s family’s safety and well-being, as well as the safety and well-being of others who may be experiencing the same thing.

The National Domestic Violence Hotline number is 1-800-799-7233, which Neurosis shared.

Scott Kelly has yet to respond to his band as of this writing.

The latest statement comes a day after the singer admitted to abusing his children and wife, claiming that he used threats and manipulation to conceal the truth.

He also announced his retirement from the music industry.