Britney Spears a liar? Oprah Winfrey did not offer Kevin Federline’s ex millions for a bombshell interview

the grand opening of the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation Britney Spears Campus on November 4, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Britney Spears publicly stated that she turned down Oprah Winfrey’s offer of a sit-down and tell-all interview for millions of dollars.

The media mogul, according to the “Baby One More Time” singer, wanted first dibs on what happened during her 13-year conservatorship.

However, it appears that the reports are false, as an individual close to Oprah told Radar Online that they were.

“They absolutely did not pay Britney for an interview. Oprah never pays.”

But what about the shocking interview between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in March 2021?

The insider said:

“She didn’t pay Meghan and Harry and wouldn’t pay Britney.”

Britney Spears recently posted a now-deleted 22-minute video of herself, telling her fans that she had a lot on her mind and needed to let it out.

The “Toxic” singer also stated that she had other offers, such as interviews with Oprah, but she did not like the idea of being paid to talk about her ordeal.

The mother of two stressed the importance of talking about her thoughts and being open about her feelings.

Britney also described how she eventually put her foot down after being dominated by everyone around her.

According to a source, Britney Spears was just getting ready to share her story after exposing her family for years of abuse.

Throughout the recording, Britney revealed her conservatorship and the abuse she suffered at the hands of her father.

The former Disney Channel star also claimed that she ran away with a man to avoid her family.

Despite what appears to be her shocking claim in the voice memo, followers may believe she has already spilled all the beans.

According to the insider, Britney only performed the recording because she wanted her family to hear it.

But she has a lot more to say, and this is only a fraction of what she will say in her upcoming memoir.

They stated:

“Telling her story is the only way she will heal from this, and she wants nothing more than to put this behind her and go on with her life and career.”

Though the “Lucky” singer recognizes that she will never be able to reclaim the time that has been stolen from her, she also recognizes that she has the rest of her life ahead of her.

The singer-dancer received a $15 million book contract early this year, months after her conservatory ended.

According to TMZ, there is no set publication date for Britney Spears’ book, but it was originally scheduled for early 2023.