Michael Jackson heartbreak: King of Pop never got a chance to achieve this dream before his death

SANTA MARIA, CA - MAY 23: Singer Michael Jackson appears outside the courtroom at the Santa Maria Courthouse during a break in his child molestation trial May 23, 2005 in Santa Maria, California. Jackson is charged in a 10-count indictment with molesting a boy, plying him with liquor and conspiring to commit child abduction, false imprisonment and extortion. (Photo by Aaron Lambert-Pool/Getty Images)

The King of Pop was already the embodiment of dreams, but if Micheal Jackson had been able to make this dream a reality, the world would have been in for a treat.

Neil Gaiman recently appeared on Josh Horowitz’s “Happy Sad Confused” podcast, revealing that Michael Jackson wanted to appear in a 1990s television adaptation of “The Sandman.”

Gaiman recalled to Horowitz:

“By 1996, I was being taken to Warners, where the then-president of Warner Bros sat me down and told me that Michael Jackson had phoned him the day before and asked him if he could star as Morpheus in The Sandman. So, there was a lot of interest in this, and they knew that it was one of the Crown Jewels and what did I think? And I was like, ‘Ooh.'”

Over the last three decades, Gaiman has received numerous offers to adapt his series for television. Netflix released the first season of The Sandman this year, which topped the global streaming service’s charts for three weeks in a row. Tom Sturridge now plays Morpheus in the 2022 remake. Gwendoline Christie, Jenna Coleman, Boyd Holbrook, Mason Alexander Park, and Kirby Howell-Baptiste also star in the Netflix series.

While Jackson never got the chance to play Morpheus, he was no stranger to the acting world. Before his death in 2009, the “Billy Jean” singer appeared as the Scarecrow in the 1978 film The Wiz and Moonwalker and Men in Black II. The series has not yet been renewed for a second season.

Michael Jackson’s children paid tribute to their father on what would have been his 64th birthday. On August 29, Paris and Prince Jackson, the singer’s two eldest children, posted childhood photos with their famous father on their Instagram accounts.

At 50, the Grammy winner died in his Los Angeles home in 2009 from an overdose of the sedative propofol, which his doctor had prescribed. The death of the Thriller artist sparked a worldwide outpouring of sadness and grief.

Meanwhile, Michael Jackson’s estate has just won a major legal victory, halting the sale of MJ’s property that the estate claims was stolen from the singer’s home immediately after his death.

A preliminary injunction was issued by a judge prohibiting Jeffre Phillips from selling anything he allegedly removed from the property in 2009. Phillips, according to Michael’s estate, was engaged to one of Michael’s siblings and used the stress and tragedy surrounding Michael’s death to steal a large amount of personal and private goods from MJ’s Carolwood House.