Prince Harry shock: William’s brother ‘doesn’t understand’ Meghan Markle’s ‘Archetypes’ podcast?

DUSSELDORF, GERMANY - SEPTEMBER 06: Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex speaks at a press conference during the Invictus Games Dusseldorf 2023 - One Year To Go events on September 06, 2022 in Dusseldorf, Germany. The Invictus Games will be held in Germany for the first time in September 2023. (Photo by Mathis Wienand/Getty Images)

According to reports, Prince Harry does not understand Meghan Markle’s Spotify podcast.

The Duke of Sussex appears concerned about the ramifications of the “Archetypes” release, believing it will have a significant impact on his family.

Last week, Meghan Markle launched her podcast, sparking speculation about whether her million-dollar deal with Spotify was worthwhile.

According to sources close to the former “Suits” actor and former royal, the 12-episode podcast will “end in tears” for the Sussexes, with worldwide criticism pouring in.

In the first episode of “Archetypes,” Meghan focused on ambitious women with her longtime friend and tennis champion, Serena Williams.

They talked about how neither of them realised being ambitious was a bad thing, especially after meeting her now-husband.

However, criticism of the 55-minute episode poured in, with some claiming Meghan was only talking about herself. She recalled a time when she confronted a dishwashing soap brand that portrayed women negatively.

Woman’s Day also learned that Prince Harry is wondering if it’s all worth it.

According to an insider, Prince William’s younger brother was supposed to be a part of it at first because that is what was sold to Spotify and promoted.

As a result, his decision not to participate was immediately revealed.

“Coming up with 12 episodes riddled with complaints about the royal family – which everyone knows is what most people are tuned in for – is a lot of pressure, and a hazardous concept given their history of lying.”

According to the insider, Prince Harry must have realized he, his wife, and their children, Lilibet Diana and Archie Harrison, would be “left red-faced.”

“He doesn’t understand why she’d be so ready to expose herself, him, and their children to public shaming.”

In the same podcast, Meghan Markle claimed that Buckingham Palace compelled her and Prince Harry to return to work after their son’s nursery caught fire while they were touring South Africa in 2018.

A royal biographer, Angela Levin, immediately questioned whether “this is actually Meghan’s truth?”

Another source told the site that if it were up to Prince Harry, he would prefer that their two children be excluded entirely from the podcast.

“After all, they did abdicate royal duties in order to offer their children a more private lives.”