Avril Lavigne shock: ‘Complicated’ hitmaker finally addresses claims she is retiring soon

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - AUGUST 31: Avril Lavigne attends the Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Ceremony celebrating Avril Lavigne on August 31, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)

Since her debut two decades ago, Avril Lavigne has taken the world by storm. She recently received Hollywood’s highest honor: her Walk of Fame star.

During her speech, the pop-punk princess hinted at her plans, and it appears that she will not be stopping anytime soon.

She began her speech by sharing a throwback photo of herself next to Tom Cruise’s star, noting that she was 16 and on her first trip to Hollywood.

The “All I Wanted” singer said she remembers seeing the iconic Walk of Fame with the names of some of the biggest artists in various industries such as music, film, directing, and more. She never imagined she would be inducted in the future.

She stated via Variety:

“This is so crazy. I am so grateful. This is probably one of the coolest days of my life.”

In terms of her future career prospects, the “The “Bite Me” singer said she had an incredible 20 years and “can’t wait for the next 20, b******!” Let’s get started!”

Fans were perplexed about why Lavigne wore a hoodie to the event, even though it was a meaningful ceremony in the industry.

She told Entertainment Tonight that the jacket, which says “skateboarding is not a crime,” was the same sweatshirt she wore when she first visited the Walk of Fame and was her favorite hoodie in high school.

To commemorate Lavigne’s milestone, her husband John Feldmann, who co-produced her album “Love Sux” with Mod Sun and Travis Barker, and Machine Gun Kelly delivered speeches.

He noticed his wife made him feel important by asking him if he had a present for her, which he took to mean if he had new song ideas.

On the other hand, Kelly stated that Avril Lavigne became a significant part of his childhood as he listened to her songs when his heart was broken.

The “emo girl” hitmaker also stated that she is an inspiration to a generation of kids who have felt like outcasts due to their fashion choices and skateboarding lifestyle.

Joel Madden, Jxdn, and Ryan Cabrera were the other celebrities who attended the event.