Princess Diana real cause of death: Investigator reveals true culprit of fatal car crash

Diana, Princess of Wales, smiles as she meets wellwishers outside St Vincent's Hospice in Sydney on November 2, 1996, her last official engagement in Australia. Diana departs Sydney on November 3 after a four-day private visit. / AFP PHOTO / Torsten BLACKWOOD (Photo credit should read TORSTEN BLACKWOOD/AFP via Getty Images)

According to an investigator, the driver of the Fiat Uno that collided with Princess Diana’s Mercedes is not to blame for her tragic death.

Twenty-five years after Princess Diana’s death, royal fans have yet to move on and forget the Princess of Wales’ tragedy. As the world mourned her death anniversary, investigator Martine Monteil stated that the driver of the Fiat Uno should not be held responsible.

Monteil, now the head of the Brigade Criminelle, spoke out about Le Van Thanh in the Channel 4 documentary series “Investigating Diana: Death in Paris.” The suspected driver of the white Fiat Uno was never questioned about the incident.

Nonetheless, the investigator reportedly believes Van Thanh is not the perpetrator.

He said:

“I have frustration about the Fiat Uno because I like a well-finished business. For sure, it’s out there. Unfortunately, we don’t have it.”

According to Monteil, the driver of the Fiat Uno was driving quietly when the royal princess’s car zoomed by at high speed and collided with the vehicle.

With that, he is convinced that Mercedes should still bear responsibility.

Radar Online spoke with the Fiat Uno driver after he was identified and linked to the crash before the documentary aired. Van Thanh has not been found, according to the Channel 4 documentary.

He told the news outlet that nothing in life is free, so he demanded €500,000 (approximately $500,300) before revealing any details about the case.

He was the suspected driver of the car involved in the 1997 fatal crash. Trevor Rees-Jones, Diana’s bodyguard and the only person who survived the incident, also remembered seeing a vehicle similar to the Fiat Uno before the crash and collision.

Princess Diana was killed alongside Henri Paul and Dodi Al Fayed, who died at the scene. After Dr. Frederic Maillez assisted her at the scene, the royal princess was able to reach the hospital.

Her condition rapidly deteriorated while she was being transported to Pitie-Salpetriere Hospital. The medical personnel ceased administering AED and CPR. She eventually went into cardiac arrest.

Doctors performed a cardiac massage hours after the crash while heart surgeons attempted to reconnect a ruptured blood vessel near her heart. Unfortunately, she died that day at 4:00 a.m.