Amber Heard heartbreak: ‘Aquaman’ fans boycott Elon Musk’s rumored ex, want this actress to play Mera instead

US actor Amber Heard testifies during the 50 million US dollar Depp vs Heard defamation trial at the Fairfax County Circuit Court in Fairfax, Virginia, on May 26, 2022. - Actor Johnny Depp is suing ex-wife Amber Heard for libel after she wrote an op-ed piece in The Washington Post in 2018 referring to herself as a public figure representing domestic abuse. (Photo by Michael REYNOLDS / POOL / AFP) (Photo by MICHAEL REYNOLDS/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

Due to Amber Heard’s legal issues with Johnny Depp, “Aquaman” fans still cannot accept her as Mera.

When Depp lost everything because of Heard, his fans threatened to boycott all of Heard’s future projects. It includes the multibillion-dollar “Aquaman” franchise.

While she has already been confirmed to appear in “Aquaman 2,” the public continues to urge Warner Bros to cast Emilia Clarke as the new Mera.

Fans have recently uploaded photoshopped images of Clarke, demonstrating that she would be a better fit than Heard. In addition, her reunion with her “Game of Thrones” co-star, Jason Momoa, piqued everyone’s interest.

The rumors gained traction after photos of her in “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.”

A fanart by Diego de Sousa emphasized Clarke’s beauty if she wore Mera’s costume.

Furthermore, the petition “Remove Amber Heard from Aquaman 2” has already surpassed 4 million signatures. The page was created by Jeanne Larson and is addressed to Courtney Simmons, SVP of Publicity & Communications for DC Warner Bros, Paul McGuire, DC Entertainment Corporate Communications, and DC Warner Bros.

The petition states:

“As Amber Heard is a known and proven domestic abuser, Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment should and must remove Heard from their Aquaman 2 film project. They must not ignore the suffering of Heard’s victims, and must not glamorize a domestic abuser.”

Clarke was not the first person to be linked to the franchise.

People have suggested that the actress play the female lead in “Aquaman” as early as 2020. Fan art depicting Clarke with red hair under a golden crown while wearing the green scale suit was uploaded to Instagram by digital artist “valentinromeroart.”

A separate petition, “Emilia Clarke to replace Amber Heard as Mera in Aquaman 2,” has been going around since that year.

Aside from Clarke, Emily Blunt has been mentioned as a possible replacement. According to a source, the actress caught the attention of Warner Bros. executives. She was reportedly considered for the role of Marvel Studios’ first Black Widow before Scarlett Johansson was cast.

On the other hand, Heard has confirmed that she will appear in the sequel.