Kanye West fury: Rapper denies ‘nasty’ claims made by Kim Kardashian, slams Pete Davidson again

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - DECEMBER 02: Kanye West attends the the Versace fall 2019 fashion show at the American Stock Exchange Building in lower Manhattan on December 02, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

Kanye West clears the air in another rambling Instagram post about ex-wife Kim Kardashian’s bowel movement while slamming his detractors.

According to a recent Instagram post by Ye, the “Praise God” rapper refuted an edited meme in which he stated that reality star Kim Kardashian “has diarrhea a lot.” It should be far more than a normal person should have. Ye claims that the person who edited it copied his Instagram text post style.

The “Yeezy” founder then went on to list his “favorite comedians,” which included names like Louis CK, Elon Musk, Chris Rock, Mitch Hedberg, and himself. It’s unclear whether the rapper was serious about his list of random names.

Following his address to the meme, he mentioned an alleged Tweet from 2020 that said, “Friends wasn’t funny either,” clarifying that he did not say that, though he wishes he had. This tweet was in response to Jennifer Aniston’s political Instagram post, in which she stated that “It’s not funny to vote for Kanye,” the “Friends” star wrote in her post.

“I’m not sure what else to say. Please be accountable.”

The rapper referred to the person who edited the meme as “hilarious” before slamming Kim Kardashian’s most recent ex-boyfriend, Pete Davidson.

Kanye wrote, using his recurring nickname for the comedian:

“I love funny people and I think that’s one of the reasons me and Skete could’ve never been friends.”

Following Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian’s split, Ye attacked the comedian in a now-deleted Instagram post headlined “SKETE DAVIDSON DEAD AT AGE 28.” Following Ye’s online bullying, Davidson reportedly sought trauma therapy.

To say the rapper is unhappy with the meme is an understatement. Fans reposted the edited post with different captions on Twitter and it quickly went viral.

For the internet’s amusement, the original user who edited the post created a Twitter thread with a series of fake tweets from Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. However, the user later admitted that they did not expect their post to go viral, let alone elicit Kanye’s wrath.