Chris Pine shock: ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ star concerns over his new looks

Chris Pine recently attended the Venice Film Festival, which piqued fans’ interest.

On Monday, he walked the red carpet with his “Don’t Worry Darling” cast mates for the film’s highly anticipated and contentious premiere.

Even though the film already has a lot of drama, Chris’ presence was the talk of the town.

Pictures of the 42-year-old actor on the red carpet quickly went viral on social media, and fans have begun to express their feelings.

They couldn’t help but notice Chris’ face was puffier and bigger than usual.

One Twitter user wondered:

“Wait… Chris Pine, too much Botox?”

Another person described the actor in “All the Old Knives” as “strange.”

A third person mentioned that the actor has “lip fillers and now I can’t unsee it.”

Some fans were also dissatisfied because Chris Pine was already a “cutie,” and they didn’t think he needed all of this Botox.

Fans have been shocked by the “Wonder Woman” star’s transformation.

Chris was unrecognizable while directing his first film this summer.

The actor-turned-director showed off his long blonde hair and shaggy gray beard on the set of “Poolman,” which he paired with a straw hat, clever gray slacks, and a striped shirt.

There was also a camera around his neck, and it appeared as if the film spat out on him because he remained on topic throughout the video.

At the time, they were filming in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, according to the Daily Mail, Chris Pine’s “Don’t Worry, Darling” press conference went viral after his co-star Harry Styles made an unusual statement.

The popstar-turned-actor was discussing a strangely made remark about the film being a “genuine, like go to the theater feature movie,” and why it’s something they’d want to see on the big screen – which made no sense to anyone in the room.

Chris’s reaction, or lack thereof, to the “As It Was” singer’s statements were later filmed and tweeted.

The tweet said:

“You can almost see the screams catching in his throat.”

Another fan stated:

“I’ve been a hardcore Chris Pine fan for about 20 years now, so I consider me something of an expert, and I can safely say he is evaluating all his life decisions here… physically dissociating from his surroundings.”