Harry Styles scandal 2022: Body language expert reveals why Chris Pine reacted that way in viral video

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The cast members of “Don’t Worry Darling,” Harry Styles and Florence Pugh have already made headlines due to their disagreements with director Olivia Wilde.

As if that wasn’t enough, a video of the former One Direction singer appearing to spit on his co-star Chris Pine went viral, shaking the film and its stars.

Following the release of the video, social media users went into a frenzy, studying and debating frame by frame whether the “As It Was” hitmaker spit on the “Wonder Woman” star.

Styles bends down in the video to take his seat for their film’s screening at the Venice Film Festival. Pine twitched his lips before lowering his gaze to his slacks and shook his head slightly, pretending to chuckle, before slipping his sunglasses between his legs.

Pine looked amused as the pop singer sat next to him.

Despite viewing the film from two to three different points of view, it is unclear whether Styles did it on purpose or if saliva was flowing from his mouth at the time.

However, Chris Pine’s spokesperson downplayed the situation one day after spitgate, insisting that no spitting occurred.

They even called the allegation “crazy” and claimed it was completely fabricated.

The rep said, per People magazine:

“Just to be clear, Harry Styles did not spit on Chris Pine.”

According to his representative, Harry Styles allegedly spit on Chris Pine.

According to a body language expert, the viral video is deceptive.

If Pine pulled off the prank, he’d need to be a “master of self-control,” according to Judi James, who spoke to the Daily Mail.

She went on to say that just by looking at Pine’s body language, she could tell he came to a halt and looked down in surprise.

“It is a brief moment before he grins again, chewing on some gum himself, and grabs the pen up before closing his eyes in a long blink.”

According to James, styles then fumbled with his jacket and flung himself into his seat to play with his phone.

She said of Pine:

“If he can be spat on and just require a long blink to hold his feelings and regulate himself from what for most would be a reflexive reaction of rage and horror, then he is an outstanding man.”

However, the expert believes that no spitting took place. Instead, she hypothesized that Pine saw the pen on his lap and “marked his cream clothing,” or that he “reacted to Styles’ apparent neglect of both himself and Wilde.”

Pine’s reaction was also thought to be caused by his fumbling with his sunglasses, which were placed between his knees.

According to James, fans should not blame Styles solely on this evidence until he or his co-star relates.

“It’s probably safer to think it was a skewed footage.”