Lea Michele shock: ‘Glee’ star’s ‘over-the-top’ kindness bother ‘Funny Girl’ cast due to her bad reputation?

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - APRIL 25: Lea Michele attends the premiere of "Spring Awakening: Those You've Known" at Florence Gould Hall on April 25, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images)

Lea Michele made her Broadway debut as Fanny Brice on September 6 at New York City’s August Wilson Theater.

Her appearance on the show comes two years after she was exposed as a cruel girl and diva.

She is now said to behave well behind the scenes at “Funny Girl.”

According to Page Six, the former “Glee” star, who played Rachel Berry, goes out of her way behind the scenes to be extremely kind.

She is said to be “so sweet” that she makes Julie Andrews look like a “b-tch.”

According to an insider who spoke with the outlet, the mom-of-one is “so nice, it’s crazy.” She allegedly knows everyone’s name and birthday.

They even said of Lea’s “over-the-top kindness”:

“She is watering-the-plants-in-[castmates’]-dressing-rooms kind of nice. It’s an expression, a joke. She’s not actually doing it … yet.”

Samantha Morris, a former “Glee” actress, accused Lea Michele of making “traumatic microaggressions” when she took over as Fanny Brice after Beanie Feldstein and Julie Benko.

Another castmate, Heather Morris, publicly exposed Lea, saying she was “unpleasant to work with,” Late actress Naya Rivera said Lea “didn’t enjoy” sharing the spotlight with any of them.

In an interview with the New York Times, Lea Michele recalled her previous reputation, claiming that after an “intensive period of introspection,” she can now “truly grasp the purpose and value of being a leader.”

She said it’s not just about showing up and performing well in front of the camera but also about what happens behind the scenes.

During her time on “Glee,” Lea admitted that it wasn’t always something she thought was necessary.

Beanie Feldstein left the show in July after receiving several negative reviews. According to a source at the time, it wasn’t her fault because “she was poorly cast.”

Meanwhile, Lea Michele had the entire audience’s attention on September 6.

According to Deadline, she received four standing ovations and seven late in the evening, according to TV host Frank DiLella.

Despite a difficult few years of negative press, Lea Michele left a lasting impression on the stage as she took on the role of a lifetime.

She performed emotionally in the lead role, which Barbra Streisand made famous in 1964.