Ozzy Osbourne heartbreak: Rock legend no longer popular? No Longer Popular? He feared this when performing at Commonwealth Games finale

INGLEWOOD, CALIFORNIA - SEPTEMBER 08: Musician Ozzy Osbourne performs during half-time of the 2022 NFL season opening game between the Buffalo Bills and the Los Angeles Rams at SoFi Stadium on September 08, 2022 in Inglewood, California. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

Ozzy Osbourne proves that legends never die.

With decades of experience, Osbourne has undoubtedly reached milestones that no other musician has ever experienced. Even so, he was reportedly nervous when he performed for the Commonwealth Games in his hometown of Birmingham.

For what it’s worth, after battling multiple health issues in recent years, Osbourne reunited with his Black Sabbath bandmate, Tony Iommi, for a special performance. Despite his success, the rocker reportedly thought he had forgotten about the appearance ahead of time.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, he stated that today’s youth are unfamiliar with him. He never expected to “win” anything after that. He even admitted to his wife, Sharon, that performing is all he has ever done in his life.

Sharon stated:

“I tell him, ‘It’s not true.’ He’s had his struggles, and they’ve all been very public. But it’s not true; he’s hard on himself. He drank at first because he didn’t have confidence and it made him feel good. It gave him the confidence that he didn’t have. And then it turns on you.”

Despite the difficulties, he received the best response from the people of Birmingham during his performance, proving that his music never dies.

Even though the reunion was a success, Osbourne revealed his history with the Black Sabbath guitarist.

Osbourne told Apple Music’s Zane Lowe that he and Iommi were “arch-enemies” in high school, but everything changed.

Despite their relationship, he noted that Iommi has remained supportive of him. He then described their Commonwealth Games reunion as a pleasant event, even though Iommi allegedly used to intimidate him.

Lowe asked if the relationship was the “root of distrust” that led to his dismissal from Black Sabbath, to which Osbourne replied that he didn’t have much to say about what happened. Instead, he tried unsuccessfully to compose a melody.

They were able to mend fences when he collaborated with Iommi on two songs for his new solo album “Patient Number 9”: “Degradation Rules” and “No Escape From Now.”

Before Ozzy and Iommi’s reunion in 2022, Black Sabbath reunited in 1998 before saying their final goodbyes in 2017.