Martha Stewart interested in younger men? TV personality ‘Thrilled’ to be linked to Pete Davidson

NEW YORK - MARCH 5: Martha Stewart (2nd R) testifies in Manhattan Supreme Court March 5, 2013 In New York City. Stewart is testifying after Macy's Department Store sued the rival retailer J.C. Penney and Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia when plans to launch Martha Stewart boutiques J.C. Penney stores in were announced in December of 2011. (Photo by David Handschuh-Pool/Getty Images)

Is Martha Stewart interested in dating younger men?

The American TV personality is reportedly “overjoyed” that her fans are linking her to Kim Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend, Pete Davidson.

But does this mean she’ll date a younger man?

Even though Martha and Pete are good friends, she does not “rob the cradle,” preferring to date someone her age or older, according to the National Enquirer.

According to the source, the Jersey City native is looking for a man in his 60s or 70s who is accomplished and secure in his image and who can “romance her, offer her the company she dearly desires.”

They said that the 81-year-old host of “The Martha Stewart Show” is becoming increasingly picky these days, especially concerning heart matters.

After all, she’d married several men, all of whom had divorced her.

She was engaged in 2008, but her fiancé called it off so he could be with a younger woman.

According to the insider, Martha was deeply hurt because she felt duped, and she is now afraid of falling in love with someone who will abandon them for a much younger lady.

The retail entrepreneur has also admitted that as she gets older, finding guys to date becomes more difficult.

According to the insider, Martha’s dating pool has shrunk significantly. Fortunately, she has friends who are always looking for the next hot guy who is neither troublesome nor married.

However, the National Enquirer’s allegation should be taken with a grain of salt because Martha is not looking for her next boyfriend, nor are her fans hoping she and Pete Davidson get together.

Her comments were taken out of context after she joked about having a crush on the married men of her female friends.

It was, however, after Martha Stewart intended it to be a harmless joke and should not be taken seriously.

While it is unknown what is going on in Martha’s life, Pete Davidson has been keeping himself busy with his projects.

Pete was already a household name before he became Kim’s boyfriend, but his star is rising even higher these days, not only in Kanye West’s mouth but also in movies and social media.