Prince Andrew a victim of fake evidence? Ghislaine Maxwell defends disgraced royal

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - JULY 01: Prince Andrew, Duke of York, attends a commemoration service at Manchester Cathedral marking the 100th anniversary since the start of the Battle of the Somme. July 1, 2016 in Manchester, England. Services are being held across Britain and the world to remember those who died in the Battle of the Somme which began 100 years ago on July 1st 1916. Armies of British and French soldiers fought against the German Empire leading to over one million lives being lost. (Photo by Christopher Furlong - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Is Prince Andrew a forgery victim?

Ghislaine Maxwell, a sex trafficker, spoke out for the first time in prison about the disgraced royal and her “loved friend” in an interview with The Sun.

Ghislaine is currently serving a 20-year sentence for adolescent female trafficking.

In the interview, the former British socialite stated that she believes the Duke of York is the victim of fabricated evidence.

Ghislaine Maxwell called one of the most talked-about exhibits in the case against Prince Andrew a fabrication, despite everyone witnessing it with their own eyes.

It’s the infamous photo of him clutching Virginia Giuffre’s stomach, allegedly taken in 2001 at Ghislaine’s London home.

She was also seen in the photo standing in the background, wide-eyed.

On the other hand, the inmate claimed that the photograph was genuine, backing up the royal’s earlier claim.

She said:

“There was never an original one produced.”

She also declined to comment on Virginia, who sued Prince Andrew for sexual assault earlier this year and allegedly received $12 million in damages.

However, when Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyer Alan Dershowitz asked her if the photo was real.

Ghislaine said:

“It looks real. I believe so.”

When pressed, she stated that she does not “recognize” the image and does not believe it is genuine.

Then Ghislaine stated that all she wanted to convey in her email to Dershowitz was that she recognized her residence.

“If you see an image of yourself in your house and someone asks you, ‘Is that a picture of you?’ So you don’t question.”

Ghislaine Maxwell lost more than just Prince Andrew, especially after her ties to Jeffrey Epstein, who was discovered dead in his jail in 2019 while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges.

She said of Queen Elizabeth II’s purported favorite son:

“I feel so horrible for him. I’m keeping track of what’s going on with him.”

The 60-year-old was reportedly disturbed when told that the former royal’s counsel said they were never close.

She added:

“I recognize that our friendship could not survive my conviction.”

“He is paying a high price for his affiliation. He is a dear friend of mine. I’m concerned about him.”

Ghislaine also expressed regret for her involvement with the sex abuser, alleging that it had transformed her into a “wicked witch” demon who had harmed those she cared about.

She expressed a desire to go back in time and never be associated with Epstein.