Meghan Markle lied? Former ‘Deal or No Deal’ co-star sounds off on Duchess’ newest claims

CARDIFF, WALES - JANUARY 18: Meghan Markle chats with people inside the Drawing Room during a visit to Cardiff Castle on January 18, 2018 in Cardiff, Wales. (Photo by Ben Birchall - WPA Pool / Getty Images)

Is Meghan Markle fabricating her latest allegations?

The Duchess of Sussex has finally spoken out about her controversial role on “Deal or No Deal” and why she left the game show.

While clutching a briefcase on the show, Meghan said on her Spotify original podcast “Archetypes” that she was “forced to be all looks and little substance.”

In the eye-opening episode with guest Paris Hilton, the former “Suits” star deconstructed the “bimbo” cliche before reflecting on her own experience on the game show set.

She claimed that the program’s girls had a “very cookie cutter vision” of what they should look like and that it was “solely about beauty and not necessarily about intellect.”

The former Hollywood actress also addressed the show’s toxic beauty standards, claiming that she was given spray tan vouchers weekly and was encouraged to “suck it in” by a producer.

Meghan confessed:

“I ended up quitting the show. Like I said, I was thankful for the job but not for how it made me feel, which was not smart.”

“I was surrounded by smart women on that stage with me. But that wasn’t the focus of why we were there. And I would end up leaving with this pit in my stomach, knowing that I was so much more than what was being objectified on the stage.”

However, another “Deal or No Deal” veteran has spoken out in response to the Duchess of Sussex’s claim that the show turned her into a “bimbo.”

Claudia Jordan expressed her thoughts on Tuesday, beginning with a series of texts that began with “Now Meghan…”

The TV host pointed out that landing a modeling role on the show isn’t always about admiring women’s intelligence. Nonetheless, she stated that the executive producers would choose five models with the “most outgoing and engaging personalities” to put microphones on and who they knew would interact with the participants on each episode.

Claudia continued to argue and emphasize the significance of having an effect on viewers, adding:

“If you simply show there and don’t participate – you’ll JUST receive your check and not get anything out of it.”

Claudia also stated that her appearance on the show aided her rise to other major shows such as “The Apprentice” and presenting the “2009 Miss Universe” competition.

Claudia Jordan added that while she has and will continue to defend the Duchess of Sussex, her goal in speaking out was to clear up any confusion about the climate and environment they had on set, especially since she is very protective of host Howie Mandel. He was “nothing but kind and respectful to all 26” of them.