Prince Andrew no longer living the high life: Disgraced royal becomes a ‘virtual recluse’

LONDON, ENGLAND - DECEMBER 1: Prince Andrew, Duke of York speaks during the London Global African Investment Summit at St James' Palace on December 1, 2015 in London, England. (Photo by Anthony Devlin-WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Prince Andrew is a long way from the world of wealth into which he was born.

The Duke of York is no longer invited to private parties or important events. He appears to be staying at home these days and enjoying a commonplace pastime that most people enjoy – watching television.

Earlier this year, he was stripped of his royal patronages and military titles.

A family friend claims Prince Andrew is a “virtual recluse” because “where would he go?”

They told The Telegraph:

“These days, he seldom goes out at all. He seldom socializes in the evening.”

He says:

“He used to go out solely to see the queen at the castle, and now he can’t even do that.”

He added that he only leaves his house to go horseback riding or walk the dogs.

Following the removal of Prince Andrew’s royal titles in January, it was revealed that he and his accuser of sexual assault, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, reached a $12 million settlement, preventing any potentially damaging information from becoming public.

However, royal observers noted that while he was not permitted to wear his military uniform at Queen Elizabeth II’s burial last month, he was allowed to wear it as a “special token of respect” at the last vigil held at Westminster Hall.

According to an unnamed source, Prince Andrew wishes to make things “as easy as possible, in sharp contrast to days gone by, rather than be a distraction,” while expressing a desire to remain involved with the family in the future.

“On a very intimate level, he wants to become a calming influence and sounding board inside the family.”

The father of two is now much more “thoughtful and aware” than he was previously. He still has access to a private chef, a full staff, and family money, which is a blessing.

According to another source, Prince Andrew may not be the only member of the royal family attempting to mend fences with the royals, as King Charles III and Prince Harry are also attempting to mend their strained relationship.

If the Duke of Sussex humiliates Queen Consort Camilla in his future book, he may permanently jeopardize his chances of re-entry into the royal family.

“If the book is released, trust will be irreparably destroyed, and he will never be invited into the next King’s inner circle again.”