Princess Diana’s final days included in ‘The Crown’ — Will fatal accident be shown?

Diana, Princess of Wales (1961 - 1997), visits Colston's School in Bristol, UK, 19th November 1983. (Photo by Len Trievnor/Daily Express/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

“The Crown” will include scenes from Princess Diana’s final days, and the public has already seen sneak peeks of the scenes.

Because of its inaccurate portrayals of royal family members, “The Crown” has caused widespread concern. Its upcoming 10th season, which premieres on November 9, will focus on King Charles III and Princess Diana’s marriage and the breakdown of their relationship.

Viewers have long speculated that the sixth season might include the tragic crash of the late Princess of Wales. Although Netflix has already stated that it will not film the accident, it intends to include the royal’s final days.

PEOPLE published photos of Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana’s character on Saturday. The actress was spotted wearing the same outfit as Princess Diana the day before her tragic death.

Debicki was seen in Barcelona with Khalid Abdalla, who plays billionaire Dodi Al Fayed. The Egyptian businessman had a romantic relationship with the princess.

Despite seeing “The Crown” film Princess Diana’s final days, Netflix told The Sun in a statement that it would not show the exact moment of the crash.

The decision not to include it was confirmed after a source told Deadline that recreating the royal’s death would put the series’ production “on edge.”

A source said:

“We’ve been dreading getting to this point. The countdown is two weeks and while we’re calmly carrying on, it’s fair to acknowledge that there’s a certain anxiety; a palpable sense of being slightly on edge. I mean, there’s bombshell sensitivity surrounding this one.”

Instead, it would be a recap of events from when Princess Diana left The Ritz to the aftermath of the accident.

Before the recent development, Debicki was asked by EW how she planned to portray Princess Diana’s death in “The Crown.”

Although she did not know those issues, she assured everyone that the team worked hard to handle everything sensitively. She said the show would depict the scenes in a “deeply caring way.”

The late Princess of Wales died on August 31, 1997, in a car accident in Paris’ Alma Tunnel. Dodi Fayed and his driver, Henri Paul, were declared dead on the spot, while Princess Diana was still alive but eventually succumbed to a Paris hospital, where she died a few hours later.