Queen Elizabeth II would have reacted THIS way on ‘The Crown’ treatment of the royal family

BERLIN, GERMANY - JUNE 24: Queen Elizabeth II arrives for the state banquet in her honour at Schloss Bellevue palace on the second of the royal couple's four-day visit to Germany on June 24, 2015 in Berlin, Germany. The Queen and Prince Philip are scheduled to visit Berlin, Frankfurt and the concentration camp memorial at Bergen-Belsen during their trip, which is their first to Germany since 2004. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

An insider claimed Queen Elizabeth II would be horrified by how the series portrays the royal family ahead of the release of the new season of “The Crown.”

Netflix will release all ten episodes of the upcoming fifth season of “The Crown” at once on November 9. The new episode will look at King Charles III and Princess Diana’s marriage and the breakdown of their relationship.

Before the premiere of “The Crown,” a source spoke to The Times about how the late monarch would react to the show.

The source was “horrified” by what was going on with the streaming service, accusing it of destroying the royal family. The insider assumed that the Queen would be destroyed as well.

It went on:

“I’m horrified by what is going on with Netflix and how they are vilifying the royal family. It is vicious. It’s as if they’re trying to destroy the royal family. It would have destroyed her.”

The remark came nearly a month after The Telegraph revealed that Buckingham Palace had launched a major campaign to protect King Charles III’s reputation. The move is intended to save his image, as the series depicts the “all-out war” of his marriage to the late Princess of Wales.

A friend of the reigning monarch also chastised Netflix for having “no qualms about mangling people’s reputations.”

Aside from the marriage of King Charles III and Princess Diana, it was reported that it would also cover the story of John Major’s premiership and Tony Blair’s life as his successor.

The king’s interview with Jonathan Dimbleby and the time he admitted to cheating on Princess Diana with Queen Consort Camilla could be included in the new “The Crown” series.

When Season 2 of “The Crown” aired, it already irritated the Queen. The episode irritated Queen Elizabeth II because it falsely depicted Prince Charles as unhappy at Gordonstoun (a Scottish public school).

According to a senior courtier, viewers began to perceive the series as an accurate portrayal of the royal family. Unfortunately, there was an incident in which Prince Philip was blamed after King Charles III was bullied at public school.