Kanye West Skechers blunder: What happens next after controversial Adidas pullout?

HOLLYWOOD, CA - JUNE 28: Kanye West at Milk Studios on June 28, 2016 in Hollywood, California. adidas and Kanye West announce the future of their partnership: adidas + KANYE WEST (Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for ADIDAS)

Only a few days after his now-famous Adidas threat went viral, the fashion conglomerate has already terminated its lucrative contract with Kanye West, one of the brand’s most prominent collaborators.

The company’s major decision came from West’s anti-Semitic comments on social media and his defense of such comments in a flurry of media appearances.

Kanye issued an ominous threat to all his detractors in the now-trending video, putting his Adidas deal in jeopardy.

He boastfully said in an episode of Drink Champs:

“I can literally say antisemitic shit, and they can’t drop me. I can say antisemitic things, and Adidas can’t drop me. Now what”

Kanye has been on a press tour following his tirades against Jewish industry leaders who he claims have wronged him and other Black entertainers.

He also appeared on Piers Morgan’s show, where he not only called President Joe Biden a “r*tard,” but also defended and apologized sarcastically for his antisemitic remarks.

Kanye lost his billionaire status as a result of the canceled Adidas deal. Forbes crunched the numbers and determined that his true net worth is only $2 billion instead of his estimate of around $6 billion.

According to CNN Business, Kanye West’s net worth has been updated to $400 million.

Despite this, Kanye appeared unfazed by the massive loss and chose to make a joke about it in a comeback Instagram post.

He wrote:

“Ari Emmanuel, I lost 2 billion dollars in one day and I’m still alive. This is love speech. I still love you. God still loves you. The money is not who I am. The people is who I am.”

Kanye’s plans are still unknown at this point.

TMZ reported that Kanye West was escorted out of the Skechers headquarters by two company executives after arriving uninvited at the Manhattan corporate office the day after Adidas severed ties.

Skechers, ironically, is owned by a Jewish family, the same race of people with whom Kanye wanted to go to “deathcon3.”

The company announced:

“Skechers is not considering and has no intention of working with West. We condemn his recent divisive remarks and do not tolerate antisemitism or any other form of hate speech. Again, West showed up unannounced and uninvited to Skechers corporate offices.”

Meanwhile, West’s newly founded and unaccredited Donda Academy has decided to close its doors for the remainder of the 2022-2023 school year.